Ø for the analysis of the code.Types

Ø First type program include word processing software ,CAD software, user’s application software.Ø Component/part Benchmark or Microbenchmark specifies relatively small and specific piece of code,then it computer’s basic components Ø Kernel type has basic codes and show the abstraction of code studied.Ø Another Benchmark that includes synthesis has to measure many programme for the analysis of the code.Types of Synthetic Benchmark are:Whetstone DhrystoneØ Financial benchmarking – this helps to analyze and assess all over the productivity to take a look at the whole process of production of an organization.Ø ·Process benchmark: in this type the procedures are evaluated to see the progress or working of a company to measure its effort and out put.. Ø Benchmarking with the capital or investment perspective will include the scenario where different firm’s investments are compared within or between different companies to assess their capability for costing and how they will spend to earn more goodwill. Performance benchmarking: allows a firm to assess or examine the performnce on the basis of competitor;s one and by comparing both functionality it can decide its position in market.Ø Benchmarking of production : in this type of benchmark anew product is devised or the existing product is brought to a standard to sustain the trust of customer or to be a standard by comparing good and deficiencies in the new and old product..Ø Benchmarking  that helps to work out how to set a standard of a company within the public and how image of a company can be built by setting the quality of products and then evaluating this milestone. This also checks the services provided to the customer routine wise without any delay.Ø Benchmarking that include functions that include particular function os a firm or its typical cell to focus on a unit which is liable to perform a function. Other finance and production unit will help to identify the functionality of that unit whether it has been upgraded the level or has ruled out the benchmark.Ø Benchmarking of excellence: this includes the participation of decision making personnel that influence  the firms capability and enhances its production.Ø Benchmarking of  operations collects all information that overlooks all data from staff and production unit to assess their roles in the firm’s success and their participation in production.Ø Benchmarking of power: it includes all the power or energy related activities that are being performed in a company to collect analyze and to compare the performance between different levels of a company.