Mi minimum wage was raised under President Obama and more than 7 in 10 Americans us ported these increases in minimum wage. Studies have shown that increasing the ml wage would cause economic growth. Raising the minimum wage would give a raise to approximately 28 million workers across the country and out of all of those it could help a couple million get out of poverty. Almost thirds of the minimum wage w rockers were women, and the average age Of workers who would benefit from the aria seed minimum wage was 35. With the numbers of single moms being at an all time high this needed fixed beyond just minimum wage.

So with what studies were done b AMA was confident enough to raise minimum wage. However he only raised federal c interacts , and he raised Otto $10. 00 an hour. That’s up $2. 75 from where it previously as. That only would affect about 4,500 works only though. 4,500 is better than none the cough- President Obama was also able to create a women’s fair pay act. Women word king full time were making only 77 cents for every dollar that men earned. This didn’t make sense for a couple reasons: first, in 2010 58. 6 percent of laborers were women n, also in today’s day and age equality is a huge issue.

By paying women less than men We Were 2 not treating them equally. Obama knew things had to change. With this act g owing into place it helped equal out the pay rate between men and women. Between HTH s act and the raising of minimum wage it helped increase the flow of money in our CEO anomy. Not only did President Obama raise minimum wage and create a equal pay rate, b UT he also has created more jobs. Creating more jobs helped decrease the unemployment NT rate in the United States of America. The unemployment rate dropped from 7. 8% to b low 6%. In the past four years we have seen consistent job growth.

Since he has taken office Obama has created nearly 4. Million jobs in the United States. Although these e jobs may not be the best jobs, jobs are jobs, and jobs help people bring in money. People with money will spend the money and help the economy grow. While President Obama did create multiple jobs for the country he also lost o UT on on the chance to create about 42,000 more jobs for Americans. If president t Obama would have approved the Keystone XSL pipeline not only would it have helped Americans get a job but would also allow more people to get a job and help the economy thrive.

Mr.. Obama also has increased the national debt by 56. 666 trim Lion since he has taken office. When he came into office the debt was right around $10 t rolling; therefore our President has almost doubled the national debt, and his preside once isn’t over yet. The amount of debt has President has racked up during his time is CLC SSE to the same amount of debt our country racked up in I?s first 227 years as a country , and yet again, his Presidential run is not over. Barack Obama has also created many new regulations that together have coos Ted businesses billions of dollars.

During the Obama Administration a total of 1 06 major 3 regulations have been passed and have coated companies more the $46 bill n each year. This cost is almost five times the cost imposed by President George W. B Cush’s administration. While some of these regulations might create more safety, the regulations have coated the business owners across the united State of Aimer ca billions and billions of dollars over the past years. Even though President Obama has missed out on a couple opportunities to create more jobs he did manage to keep money in the states under control.