Observation of 10 Month Baby Essay

Observation on a 10 month baby Stephen Conlon Child Psychology Applied Psychology Group D Observation Number: 1 Observation Date: 15/9/2012 Method Used: Observing Start time: 12:00pm Finish Time: 12:30pm Name of child: TC / initials Number of children present: 1 Number of adults present: 0 Permission obtained from: Parents Setting / Background: TC lives in a 2 bedroom apartment in city centre, TC is an only child. TC’s father is an engineer and works 5 days a week.TC’s mother is a teacher and works 5 days a week. TC attends cresh on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. TC’s grandparents look after her Thursdays and Fridays. Immediate context: TC has just had lunch, and now playing in the living room. Brief description of child observed: TC is a 10 month baby girl Aim and rationale for observation: To observe physical development on a 10 month year old baby to see if she reaches milestone development.

Observation: Item |Tick if Observed |Evidence |Date | |Reaching |[pic] |TC is reaching towards the bead maze. |15,9,2012 | | | | |12:03pm | |Holding her head upright|[pic] |TC is holding her head upright unaided. 15,9,2012 | | | | |12:04pm | |Palmer Grip |[pic] |TC is using the Palmer Grip to hold onto the |15,9,2012 | | | |bead maze.

|12:05pm | |Sitting unaided |[pic] |TC is sitting unaided while playing. 15,9,2012 | | | | |12:05pm | |Usage of both hands |[pic] |TC uses left hand to hold the maze and right |15,9,2012 | | | |hand to play. |12:06pm | |4 finger and thumb |[pic] |TC is using the 4 finger and thumb pickup to |15,9,2012 | |pickup | |move the eads. |12:03pm | |Facial expressions |[pic] |TC’s facial expressions are blank, |15,9,2012 | | | |concentration. |12:03pm | |Pulls up to stand |[pic] |TC uses the bead maze to attempt to stand, TC |15,9,2012 | | | |falls down after. |12:03pm | Evaluation:For my evaluation I’ll be breaking up what I had observed from TC into sections and discussing each individually.

• Reaching o At 10 months a baby reaching for things is completely normal and does in fact start at the 6 month stage of development. Reaching can also be used as an indicator that the child is looking/wants something out of their reach. Also reaching is seen when she wants to be picked up as reaching out to their parents. From what I had observed TC in fact did show signs of reaching, she reaches out to play with the bead maze.This is to be expected at her age and shows good sign of development.

• Holding her head upright o This stage begins at the age of 6 months where the child can hold their head weight up unassisted for only a short time though but is the stepping stone to building up the muscle to being able to hold the weight for longer periods as time goes by. By the age of 9-10 months she should be capable of holding her head up by herself with no difficulty. From my observation TC is holding her head up unassisted throughout the whole time of observation.This is another indication that TC is a healthy baby and developing at the normal rate. • Palmer Grip o This stage begins at the age of 6 months and develops from there. Babies are capable of gripping onto the object. During this observation TC uses this grip to hold onto the beads to move then at times but used it mainly when playing with 2 hands one to move the objects and the other using the palmer grip to hold onto the beads maze. This is a normal thing for a baby to know at 10 months, another sign of good development.

• Sitting Unaided At this stage of development the baby should be fully capable of sitting unaided and be able to crawl around to get where they want to go. At this stage they will also be looking to further themselves by starting to try stand on their own. This begins at 6 months with the learning to pull them self up to sitting position by 10 months they should be able to sit up by themselves and have no problems with sitting by themselves. In my observation TC was sitting on her own unaided for the entire observation.

These are good signs of development. • Usage of both hands Using both hands starts at the age of the 6 month development where the baby will use both hands to grab a toy or object but will occasionally use only the one. There is no distinct sign of what favourite hand they prefer till later on. In my observation I noticed TC using both hands to play with in the beginning she used only the one hand, her left hand. Her right was down by her side most likely for balance.

Later on she uses her right hand to play with and her left for holding onto the beads maze. She’s moving the beads around the maze which shows her coordination skills improving and shows great signs of development. Four finger and thumb pickup o This grip is developed through the 6 month period till to the 10 month period. It is used to pick up small objects with more precision and accuracy. TC used this grip to manage the movement of the beads and follow the wire. This is a very common grip for a 10 month to learn and perfect and TC shows great signs of development of this grip. • Facial expressions o Facial expressions are a very common and basic method of communication for a baby, sadness, happy are the main ones used and greatly understood by babies.

This topic is one of a large range so I’ll be sticking to the expression(s) used by TC during my observation. From watching TC’s facial expressions during the observations I mainly noticed the concentration she showed playing with the toy. Her eyes never left the toy; she showed no real signs of joy in the toy but no signs of disliking the toy so it’s safe to presume its concentration.

However during certain points I noticed small hints of joy and frustration joy every time the beads fell down the wire, you could notice a small smile hidden by the concentration.And frustration when trying to move the beads up the wire if it took a few times to get it over, again hidden by the concentration. • Pulls up to stand o This begins at the 9-10 month stage of development. The child will begin to try stand by grabbing hold of something to hold them up with. However when sitting back down will fall back down rather than sit. It is the beginning of the learning process to be able to walking unaided. They should be able to walk with the aid of a parent holding them up though.

From watching DC she shows the signs of attempting to stand by gripping hold of toy with one hand and raises herself up to get to the height needed to move the bead over the top and then falls back down to sitting position. Summary: Personal Learning gained: Reflecting back on the observation and what was learned through observing and theory By looking back on this observation I can honestly say iv learned quite a bit. Theory wise i have learned so much about babies and how the grow mentally and physically, which is something I have never really thought about till now.So much happens in the space of childhood that most people simply overlook and it was interesting to learn about it. In the observation assignment itself I got to put what I learned in theory and try see for myself how a 10 month year old baby plays.

Having to watch carefully for every movement made any changes in expressions the way they moved it was really interesting. I have never deemed babies as exciting to watch before but I have defiantly found a foot hold into the door of seeing them that way. It has also given me an insight into other assignments I will do with observing and It should be fun.