Obvious degree person will make. Having an education

Obvious ChoiceThe most clear path for many people is to graduate high school, go to a good college, have a well paying job, and start a family. In order to have all the money to support either you or your family, you need to at least have a well enough education. Most people tend to go to college but there are still quite a few who do not go. There are many reasons why people can or cannot go but everybody should go to college because there are many benefits that come with and after. Everyone wants to live a prosperous and successful life but in order to live that kind of life, people need to go through some kind of hard work and for most people it is graduating from a college and finding a suitable job. People who graduate from a college with a high education has a higher chance of getting a well paying job, “In 2016, the average income for people 25 years old and older with a high school diploma was $35,615, while the income for those with a bachelor’s degree was $65,482, and $92,525 for those with advanced degrees,” which shows that the higher the education you get, the more you get paid (ProCon). Also if people get a job with their high school diploma, they might not like the job, ” 58% of college graduates and people with some college or associate’s degrees reported being “very satisfied” with their jobs compared to 50% of high school graduates and 40% of people without a high school diploma,” if people graduate college and find a job, they might be more happier than just finding a job with a high school diploma (ProCon). This means that if anyone decides not to go to college and decide to get a job with only their high school diploma, they will not make as much as to where a person with a bachelor or any other high degree person will make. Having an education expands the amount of jobs and jobs that suit their profession. Everyone wants to make more than the minimum wage but to do that, they will have to get a high level of education. There are many reasons why people should go to college but there are also some that make people not able to attend college. One of the main problems for people not being able to attend college is money and money is very important because it pays for tuition and everything else on college campus and over the years the prices will add up. College prices are no joke and they will continue to rise, “College costs and prices rise and will continue to rise above the rate of inflation,” this is a main problem for a lot of families because they simply can not afford the costs and they have to rely on their kids getting scholarship (William J. Bennett). If many families cannot afford to go to college, then their kids will be without an education good enough to land a well paying job. This will make the kids have a hard working job and with less pay than regular people. Money is a big factor ¬†why most students cannot get into a college or a top school.College does acquire a lot of money to attend but the benefits after people graduate will become much more impactful because they can get more options to higher paying jobs and long lasting careers which they are interested in. Student debt will be a problem if students can’t pay off all at once, “Student debt, meanwhile, has toppled $1 trillion (David Leonhardt),” which shows how much student debt was and it will continue to grow, but if students get a high education, they will be able to pay them off later on. People will need college in order to be at least in middle class, “But from almost any individual’s perspective, college is a no-brainer. It’s the most reliable ticket to the middle class and beyond (David Leonhardt),” this means that if people graduate college, they can also go beyond middle class. Most students today have student debts they need to pay and if they are able to get a high education, they can pay it off earlier than to those with a lower education. Not only can they pay off their student debts earlier, they don’t have to worry about it. There are more pros compared to cons when people graduate college because there are many benefits that help a lot in life after graduation.Everyone wants a job either before or after going to college because it is so important in our society to make money and to support each person’s lives. Most people have a job to make money, and while that is true, some people might not like or like their job. College graduates have a higher chance of having job satisfaction, “Workers with a bachelor’s degree or more advanced education were are also significantly more to say their job is a career, with 70 percent viewing their job as a career compared to just 39 percent of workers with no college education (snhu),” which means that most people that graduate college with a bachelor’s degree enjoy the jobs that they have and see their jobs as a career compared to someone with no college education. Job satisfaction is important because people do not work as hard if they do not like it. College graduates have a sense of accomplishment with their job compared to non graduates just working blindly for some money. Enjoying the jobs people have is very important because people can work harder and can look forward coming to work.There is more to college than just getting an education and trying to get a decent job afterwards, people learn more than just what field they are studying in. There are many life lessons students can learn by going to college and they usually learn them by themselves as they adapt to the college environment. One of the life lessons most students learn is discipline because everything is all up to the student to finish their work and be responsible, “The biggest lesson college taught me is that I’m fully responsible for everything that happens to me and my success is almost entirely dependent on myself (Benjamin Houy)”, no one will be supervising anyone to see if they are doing their work or paying attention because it is all up to the student to control their own student life. One other life lesson people learn at college is how to manage time. Since students are very busy with their schedules and work, they have to learn how to manage time to finish everything efficiently and when to have some fun as well, It takes hard work to earn your degree, but you can get through college with less stress if you stay organized , keep a schedule and remember to make time for family and the activities you enjoy (Stacy Roberts),” being organized helps students get through college better. These life lessons are extremely important not only for students, but also everyone because they can help a lot in life. Life lessons are a must know and many people should know them in the world.Happiness and health are both a very important factor in someone’s life and failure to achieve them can have serious consequences. They are both connected to each other because how happy you are means what shape your health is in. College graduates are more happy than people who do not go to college, “college graduates report having “good” or “very good” health 44 percent more than their non-graduate peers do (Philip Trostel)”, graduating college makes you a more healthier and a more happy person than people who do not graduate college. There are also studies that show that college graduates also live longer than those who do not, “According to data from the commission’s report, college graduates can expect to live at least five years longer than those who haven’t finished high school, especially men, who see a difference of 6.8 years between college grads and high school dropouts (College Stats)”, this is a huge difference in how many years longer a college graduate can live longer than a non graduate. Since health is such an important factor in one’s life, it makes graduating college even more important because it makes you a healthier and a more happier person which is great for your health. Living longer is also a key factor because how long you live means how healthy you are. Health and happiness are both major factors in your life and graduating college can help out more than you think. College education has and always will be important even throughout history. Many men were able to go to college and have a successful education while most women stayed at home and worked. Women were not given the same rights as men back then and because of that most women stayed at home caring for their children and working. That all started changing and private schools started opening up for women, “Private colleges gave access to education for women, whose educational opportunities lagged behind men’s (The American Vision: Modern Times),” which means that education was still important as it is now in modern times. This shows that the world back then realized the importance of education and opened up schools for women. This is important because since education was important back then, education is now more important than ever and it is also harder to get into a good college or university which means that you have to try harder. Education has and will always continue to be important because it is such an important factor in our society.In order to achieve more and have a more successful life, going to a college is the best choice you can make and graduating with a higher degree can make your life even better. From all the life skills you can learn to getting a good career later on, it will all pay off after you graduate.