Odyssey and Realtionships Essay

Along the e way, goddesses assisted Odysseus in his obstacles, Athena and Circles particularly. Athena was a sort of wingman, helping Odysseus along his journey, while Circles managed a deal WI the him that led him further in his journey. Penelope had a longing love for Odysseus. “Despite Telemeters growing up, Penelope holds out for her husband’s return. She is ‘the soul of Penelope e knew, deep down, that Odysseus would eventually return. That hope was what kept her g owing. Penelope was a motivational character in this epic poem because Odysseus knew what ever e went through, he would return to home where she would be.

I think having a relationship like e that is wonderful. Despite all the hardships you face throughout the day, the love for the other s so great that it makes you thankful to come home to that one person. Thinking about them g ivies you the strength to complete a task where the ultimate prize is returning back to the m. That is where Penelope and Odysseus relationship stands. The Gods and Goddesses played key roles in the odyssey. Athena helped Odd uses on his journey, but also assisted Telemeters. Few sons are the CEQ LULAS of their faith errs,” Athena tells him, but she assures Telemeters that he has Odysseus courage and cunning g. “(Ford). Athena is telling Telemeters that not many sons are alike of their fathers, but the except Zion is that he has some of Odysseus qualities. She is assuring him that they are not the same person, but alike in a way. Athena is a very wise goddess, knowing the difference between right a ND wrong, so she gives her wisdom to Odysseus. He then takes that knowledge and puts it in the e hands of his crew embers in times of disaster. Circles was completely different.

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She proposed a deal to Odysseus. That deal Was that if he slept with her, she would tell him how to get to the la ND of the dead. He went along with that, because he knew by taking that chance with Circles, he’d be one step closer to going home. “So now all who escaped death in battle or by shipwreck had g to safely home except Ulysses, and he, who was longing to return to his wife and country, WA s detained by the goddess Calypso, who had got him into a large cave and wanted to marry him “(Homer). Calypso wanted to keep Odysseus around until Ulysses informed her it wasn’t a very good idea.

The relationship between Odysseus and Telemeters was distant. Odysseus k new Telemeters when he was a baby, but Telemeters could not have remember d at such a young age. When he was old enough to realize why his father was missing, he decide d to go on a venture to find him. “Let no scepter king be benevolent and gentle, open rated and righteous, but let him always be harsh, cruel, and unjust. Not one of the people e whom he once led remember how godlike Odysseus, so kind a king, like a father to his chill He was a very kind king, treating others like he would treat his own children.

Odd uses knew that alongside Penelope, he would be returning home to his one and only son Tell mach’s. Telemeters was also a motivational part in Odysseus adventure. Odysseus knew that as long as he was returning home, he would be returning to his family. Although, while e Odysseus was gone, the suitors were infiltrating their home. They all wanted to wed Penelope e because Odysseus was missing for a long time. Telemeters struggles against a crowd of suitors who constantly feast at his home, pestering Odysseus wife Penelope to choose o en as her new The suitors would eat, live, and sleep at their home.

Telltale hush had finally had enough. He tried to rally men against the suitors. Then in the midst of all des air, Odysseus returned home, but not his appearance. Athena disguised him so that he cool d return to home without the suitors killing him, because if they knew Odysseus was actually all eve they’d want him dead. They competed to see who could make the arrow fly through the RI glees because Penelope said she would marry the man who accomplished that task.