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Of Mice and Men is a novella that teaches a lesson about the essence of humans and represents loneliness and false hope through the many characters in the novella such as George, Lennie, Crooks, Slim, Candy, Curley and many more. Out of all of them, one character that conveys the central theme is Curley’s wife.Curley’s wife shows the central theme of loneliness quite prominently throughout the story. She is married to a man that she doesn’t love that doesn’t love her either. She is singled out as being the only woman at the ranch and tries to abolish her loneliness by talking to and hanging around the other men in the bunkhouse. She has no such luck doing so since everyone at the ranch thinks she’s a bad person because she flirts with the men. They all fear that she would get them in trouble if they talked to her, but all she wants is a friend.A quote from Curley’s wife stated in the novella that represents loneliness is when she is talking to Lennie and says “You know what I can do to you if you open your trap” which means that she is not fond of Curley and would be living a better life without him. Moreover, these two quotes “What’s the matter with me? Ain’t I got a right to talk to nobody?” and “Seems like they ain’t none of them cares how I gotta live.” both symbolize Curley’s wife’s loneliness and how she tries to prohibit it by talking to Lennie about her feelings.On the other hand, Curley’s wife also represents false hope. Her dream was to become a movie star ever since a man told her he’d bring her to Hollywood but later ended up marrying Curley when she never got a letter back from him. She told Lennie that she thought that her mother hid it from her because she wouldn’t let her do it. This shows that Curley’s wife had false hope and when you have high anticipation for something, things often leads to disappointment and in this case it was Curley’s wife not reaching her goal of becoming a movie star.Therefore, in the novella Of Mice and Men there were many characters that represented different central themes, but one character that was quite conspicuous was Curley’s wife. She represented loneliness and false hope, which was the moral of the story and it teaches us a lesson about the nature of humans.