Off the Beaten Track – Bulgaria Essay

Off the Beaten Track The majority of foreign tourists, willing to explore Bulgarian culture and traditions, often make the mistake of ignoring the beauty of our rural areas and natural heritage. Instead, they pace up and down in over-crowded malls in search of things they can find in their own country. Therefore, they need a guidance in order to avoid future disappointment. Belogradchik Rocks Belogradchik rocks are a group of strangely shaped stones which vary in colour, shape and height.

They are situated near the town of Belogradchik. Their shapes are often thought to resemble people or objects and the rocks are named after them. Tourists can enjoy the tranquillity of the area by nestling on the rocks and cherishing the breathtaking views. In addition, they can receive more historical information and legends written as stories from the local gift shops. Architectural-Ethnographic Complex ‘Etar’ ‘Etar’ is an open-air museum near the town of Gabrovo. It is a venue for craftsmanship.

It represents the ways our ascendants lived back in the days. ‘Etar’ presents our traditional customs, culture and crafts. The spirit of this place is so evocative, that when you close your eyes you can easily imagine yourself in a traditional garb, carrying coopers to the well. Tourists can receive historical information at the entrance or at every workshop. The Seven Rila Lakes The seven Rila lakes are a group of lakes situated in the northwestern Rila Mountains, between 2,100 and 2,500 metres above sea level.

They are famous for their splendour and tranquillity and are thought to be the main attraction for Bulgarian tourists. Foreign tourists can stroll between the lakes enjoying their natural beauty and detachment from the world. There is something magical about this place. The view from the mountain tops is taking your breath away and the memories linger for years ahead. Admittedly, every Bulgarian sight is worth visiting. Nevertheless, those 3 destinations may spark your interest like nothing else can. Do not hesitate, you’ll never regret seeing them.