OFSTED sector or who wishes to work

OFSTED stands for The
Office for Standards in Education. What
OFSTED do is – “We inspect and regulate services which care for children and
young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all
ages.” (ofsted.gov.uk). each week OFSTED carry out inspections and visits in
England to put their findings and observations on their public website. OFSTED
work with organisation providers who are not viewed as

There are many benefits
to the DBS check, anyone who wishes to work in the health care sector or who
wishes to work with vulnerable individuals have to have an up to date or are
willing to obtain an up to date DBS check. If an individual who has applied to
work with vulnerable individuals and has been barred from working with these
individuals because of anything that they have done in the past it is reported
back to the potential employer, who can then decide whether to decline the
applicant, thus protecting the vulnerable individuals. The DBS check shows any
convictions an individual has, cautions, warnings and enables the employer to
reach a decision. The DBS check is immensely beneficial since it has prevented
abuse in the health care sector since employers are not hiring individuals who
are susceptible to harming the service users in their care.

Furthermore, the DBS
check takes up the time of individuals involved in the hiring process as well
as money. At times the DBS check may be paid for by the company who are hiring,
though more often than not individuals who are applying for a position working
with vulnerable people such as children will have to pay for the DBS check
themselves. Furthermore, DBS checks take a while to come back, therefore the
recruitment process is extended over a long period of time. Albeit, some would
argue that the time and the money needed to obtain a DBs check is worth it, in
order to protect the welfare of others.

Albeit, there are
disadvantages of the DBS check. The DBS check has failed the child care sector
in the past, with cases such as the Soham murders. This was the case of the
popular murder of two 10 year old girls in Soham, Cambridgeshire in England
2002 done by Ian Huntley the caretaker of their school. The DBS check has
failed the demised girls because when investigations began to take place for
their murderer it was discovered that Ian Huntley had been investigated for
sexual offences in the past albeit he was still allowed to work with children,
since none of his cases had led to him being convicted. However, since the
Soham murders it led to a major improvement in the DBS checks and the security
tightened up in order to safeguard these vulnerable individuals. The DBS checks
are more powerful than the CRB checks because they have added more protection
to the service than the aforementioned CRB check.