My current role in our civilization is that I work for the pharaoh and severe our people as a priest. Along with these jobs I am also dedicated to maintaining the grounds of the temple and taking care of the cats that live in the temple dedicated to our goddess, Bastet, since due to our religious beliefs we view them as demigods. This belief of course is brought up through the idea that cats are reincarnations of the goddess herself. In our society today, the cat acts as a central part of our lives. One example of this is we priests, find cats to be holy sacred animals thus, when they die we mummify them like humans and present them as an offering to Bastet in order to show our respect for her. Another way that cats play a central part in our lives is that anyone believed to disrespect or even commit a crime, against Bastet, by inflicting any harm to cats will be severely punished. Since Bastet is thought to protect our homes from evil spirits, diseases, and helps with our people in the afterlife.In our economy my Lord Vizier, cats play a critical role in my economic existence. This is mainly due to the fact that some citizens look at cats as a means of or an opportunity to make a profit and acquire wealth. Since some cunning and merciless entrepreneurs know that cats are sacred to our religion they tend to breed cats only to kill them once they reached maturity. From there they would then mummify the cats and sell them to priests, such as myself, along with anyone else looking to purchase cats for their own personal shrines. Of course after keeping some of them for our own personal shrines, some priests would then sell the remaining mummified cats. Since some of  my colleagues saw this process of sacrificing and mummifying cats to be a profitable practice that easily gain them wealth. Their way of making money was to burying the mummified cats in a large cemetery where priests could then dedicate them in the name of the buyer. Through this method citizens who mummified these cats, in order to show their loyalty to our goddess Bastet, were looked upon highly.  If you didn’t know already the cat also plays a large role in our religion by acting as a symbol for our people. For this reason I, being a priest made to serve the gods, am dedicated to serve these sacred animals. Interestingly enough before I was alive the Egyptians before us used to worship the god Mafdet, who they believed to be the first cat goddess before Bastet, but our goddess Bastet is the first to be represented by a domesticated cat.  But after Mafet’s devotion was over Bastet become the new cat god where it remains present. Since cats are considered to be sacred animals, we willingly take care of them while they live in the temple dedicated to Bastet. Along with that we consider them to be a symbol of grace and that helps limit the amount of venomous animals. Just like the goddess herself protects against poisonous bites from snakes and other poisonous creatures. I believe that the cat is a reincarnation of the gods so because of that I worship our cat goddess. We are now even starting to call her the Eye of Ra, due to her growing importance in our religion, which means sun god because she watches over all of our people to make sure we are safe. As a result, cats are believed to obtain a power of protection that anyone could take advantage of. All you have to do in order to gain this protection from her is simply wear an object carved to resemble a cat anywhere on your body.  Finally cats are believed to be protectors of the underworld. We believe that they are able to watch over us in our afterlife stages. Cat’s overall involvement in our culture has a dramatic effect on all aspects of our lives. One of the ways cats affect our everyday life is through the many connections they have to our gods and goddesses. As a result, we look highly upon cats and respect them greatly due to their religious connections and their high intelligence along with their friendly nature. In our culture harming a cat is a severe crime that would lead you to be sentenced to death due to the rules set forth by our pharaoh. They are a huge proponent in helping slow down the spread of disease as well help in the protection growing crops by killing scavengers that feed off our crops which is very helpful for us. These sacred animals are seen as an important symbol within everyday life. We even incorporate their image in many different objects in our lives. Cats are even engraved to many jewelry items as well other everyday objects.My Lord Vizier, I can’t explain enough how important the cats are to me along with our society. They are the closest connection to living gods that we have along with our closest relation to Bastet. They receive the same if not better treatment than most of our people to the fact that they received mummification which only the people who could afford it received. People who harmed cats were punished greatly and only a selected number of animals held that kind of power. Cats are able to play a role in our economy through the process of buying and selling them. They represent a large part in our religion by displaying the symbol of our goddess and a dramatic effect in our beliefs. Cats culturally have shaped who egyptians are and how we act and live, I believe cats will be the animals of Egyptians for years to come.