OKU Facilities in the KLIA 2 Shopping Mall and the Terminal One Shopping Mall Essay

IntroductionThe dictionary defines appraising as taking a general position by observation and measuring to find the boundaries, size, place, measure, status, value and so on. Surveying is defined as the art of doing measuring of the comparative place of natural and semisynthetic characteristics of the Earth surfaces and the presentation of this information either diagrammatically or numerically.Site studies are detailed the surveies which carried out to supplement and verify site information that provided by the client or site assessments carried out by the adviser squad such as measure surveyor.

Site studies might be carried out by the adviser squad if they have the needed accomplishments, or might be commissioned from specializers. The adviser squad should measure what studies are required ( by and large after initial feasibleness surveies have been carried out ) and request blessing from the client to committee those studies or transport them out themselves. Site studies might include which the traffic and conveyance, local clime, inundation hazard, air quality, Historic usage and so on4.0 IntroductionThis chapter are decision for this research that about the OKU installations in the KLIA 2 Shopping Mall and the Terminal One Shopping Mall.

This chapter will explicate about the job and troubles that we faces during making this undertaking and besides the recommendations.4.1 Summary of FindingssIn research, we can see really evidently that the different of the installations of OKU people between the Terminal One Shopping Mall and KLIA 2 Shopping Mall. The KLIA 2 is more consider about the installations of disable people aspect than the Terminal One Shopping Mall.FacilitiesTerminal One Shopping MallKLIA 2 Shopping PromenadeParkingxi?-Entrancei?-i?-Passage/ Corridor? ? i?-Liftxi?-ToiletXi?-Rent of wheel chair? ? i?-This tabular array show that the installations of OKU people are more complete in KLIA 2 Shopping Mall. Get downing from the auto park, KLIA 2 Shopping Mall prepares a broad size and which the auto Parkss are near with the entryway.

The entryway besides has disposition so that the people that utilizing wheel chair besides can travel indoors without other people help. The passage/ corridor besides really broad that easy for the people sit in the wheel chairs. The lifts in KLIA 2 Shopping Mall besides have a large infinite, and consist of button that has Braille so that easy for the OKU that blindly. However, the lifts in the Terminal One are really little, and the OKU people who sitting in the wheel chair need to utilize the goods lift.

The lavatories in KLIA 2 Shopping Mall besides consist of the bannister, mirror, refuse bin and lavatory paper. However, the lavatories in Terminal One Shopping promenade are really narrow and don’t have the bannister, mirror and lavatory paper. In the KLIA 2 Shopping Mall, there are prepare the services of rent for wheel chair.

4.2 Problems EncounteredThat are some jobs we are confronting during making this undertaking. For illustration, our school library is deficiency of the mentions so that we need to roll up the information signifier other ways such as cyberspace or newspaper. Other than that, due to we all don’t have own-car, so that we faces to the conveyance jobs. First times site visit in the Terminal One Shopping Mall, the lector put us in the KTM station after breakfast, so that we no demand waiting the coach ( two hours merely one coach ) go to the Terminal 1. We can merely take the KTM and walk 20 min from the KTM Seremban station to the Terminal One Shopping Mall. When travel back, after arrived the KTM Batang Benar station we take the teksi travel back and portion the money.The 2nd times site visit is in the KLIA 2 Shopping Mall.

This times we are really luck that our lector convey us travel at that place. We merely necessitate to portion the money for the gasoline and the parking fee. However, the KLIA 2 are really far with our school and the parking fee are really high. In the journey that are besides have a large rain.

In sides the KLIA 2, the nutrients besides really expensive. The job that we face during this undertaking included the budget job and the conveyance job. All of the group member besides have another category and others assignments, so that we besides face with the clip restraint.4.3 RecommendationThose are many grounds that will do the edifices failure in provide the handicapped installations. Examples of the grounds are deficiency of understanding on the OKU people need, no rigorous enforcement of constructing by-law and others.

The jobs besides including that are no bettering in the edifices ordinance or in the design constructs. In some the old edifice, there are no have a well maintain for the installations, such as interiors the lavatory, the bannister already free.4.0 DecisionIn the nutshell, in this research we have the aim in determine the installations that provides in the shopping promenade current. We besides have the aim in recognise the edifice ordinances and demands attack on installations. We besides try to give the suggestion to better the installations for the OKU people.

Hopefully the OKU people are integrate during their walk out their universe.