Interesting Narrative Of The Life Of Olaudah Equiano Essay

How does this treatment reflect the slave traders’ concerns? The ship Equation ended up on was a gruesome terrifying slave and cargo ship. Equation describes the white men that were on the ship and how the slaves were treated. He goes into detail as to why he felt the way he did and about the white men on the ship. He tells a story of how the treatment of the laves on the ship was horrifying.

He knew that at any moment he could be dead. This story really brings up how the treatment of the slaves reflected the slave traders concerns. These slaves were sick, weak and near death. When Equation was tossed onto the ship he was terrified. He believed that he was going to be killed. He described the white men as red faced and long haired, with a different complexion and a different language he had never heard of. These white men were extremely terrifying to Equation. He mentioned the word ‘savage’ to describe the white men.

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They would punish whoever they wanted, whenever they wanted. After cargo was on the ship, the white men put the slaves under deck so that they would not see how the white men handled the vessels. They had total control over the ship. Not only were the white men cruel to the slaves, but to other white men on board as well. Equation described the treatment of the slaves as brutal cruelty. On the ship slaves were chained and had expressions of sorrow and dispirited. They did not look like they wanted to be on that ship, nor did it look like they wanted to live.

Equation was put down under the decks and begins to tell how the smell was so gruesome. It affected the slaves’ appetites and made them not want to eat. Unfortunately, if the slaves did not eat, they were punished and beaten badly. Slaves would rather jump ship than to be on it, but they were also punished if they tried to jump overboard. Equation saw a man severely cut as a punishment for trying to jump ship. A white man was beaten to death with a rope on deck and thrown overboard. After seeing this, all the slaves knew that it was more than capable Of being done to them as well.

When all the cargo was on the ship, the space was extremely tight. Slaves were put under deck and it had only gotten worse. The hot climate, tight space and amount of cargo nearly suffocated the slaves. The stench under deck was so repulsive. With no fresh air, this created an abundant amount of sweat and moisture that it was not suitable to breathe. This was a huge health factor. This brought on sicknesses and death to many. Women and children were on board as well. Children often fell into filthy tubs and nearly suffocated.

Women would groan and cry making the scene even more orphic. Equation expected every hour, to die. Finally, the ship made it to Barbados. Slaves were examined to make sure they were fit for work. They were sold with a beat off drum; buyers rushed in and picked the slaves they believed were best for them. The slave traders concerns’ reflected to this treatment because one of the biggest issues was that the slaves that would attempt to commit suicide. They would try to not eat or drink anything or they would try to jump overboard. This was a concern because the slaves needed to be sold.

If they ended up killing themselves, the slave traders would not make any money. This is why the slaves were punished at any attempt. Over all this passage explains the brutality that occurred on this ship. This makes you understand the devastation that the slaves went through before they even got to their slave owners. Equation was very terrified on this ship that he was too afraid to accept a drink from the crew member when he fainted from fear. Not only were these men intimidating from the start, but they were truly beasts and careless toward the slaves.