Equiano Autobiography Essay

” I might say my sufferings were great; but when compare my lot with that of most of my country men, regard myself as a particular favorite of heaven.

… ” This essay will discuss information about Aloud Quinoa’s early life, life as an author, and his connection to the Colonial Period. Aloud Equation, or Gustavo Vass, the son of a chief, was born around 1745. Equation lived in Essay, a Nigerian village. At age 11, Aloud and his sister was kidnapped and brought to the new world.During the time spent on the ship, Aloud witnessed rape and mutilation.

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He even witnessed someone being severely beaten until his or her bones were broken. Sold into slavery at such a young age in present-day Virginia to a planter, Equation was later bought by a British naval officer. Captain Michael Pascal, Laud’s slaver owner, gave him the other name Gustavo Vass. The original Gustavo Vass was the 1 6th century Swedish man who led Swedish people into a war of independence. Aloud Equation later adapted to the naval way of life.Converting into Christiana¬∂y’, Equation read his bible regularly and was baptized at Saint Margarita’s Church on February 9, 1759.

Somehow he later changed his religion to Methodist. In 1 762, Equation was freed by Pascal but re-enslaved in London. He later bought his own freedom. Aloud traveled around the world, he even attempt to reach the North Pole. He also traveled to Portugal, Turkey, Italy, and the Mediterranean where he studied architecture.

Equation married Susann Wilson on April 7, 1792. The couple had two children, Anne Maria and Johanna.Anne died at the age of four and is wife, Susann, died soon afterwards. This left Aloud Equation devastated. Aloud was later introduced to a man named Thomas Hardy, secretary of the London corresponding society. Thomas helped Aloud in many ways.

In 1789, Aloud Equation published, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Aloud Equation; or Gustavo Vass, the African, his autobiography. He traveled throughout England promoting the book. His book became bestseller.

It was also sold in nine other countries, including Germany (1790) and America (1791).He then spent eight months in Ireland promoting and selling over 1,000 copies of his book. Was often a witness to cruelties of every kind, which were exercised on my unhappy fellow slaves. ” Aloud Equation worked closely with Gunwale Sharpe and Thomas Clangor in the society for the abolition of the slave trade.

In London, he was appointed commissary for Stores for the Black Poor, a group that focused on returning blacks to Africa. He was later appointed to the expedition to settle former black slaves in Sierra Leone, on the west coast f Africa.Sadly, on March 31, 1797, Equation died at his home on Padding Street in Marrowbone, London before the task was completed. Aloud Equation, was a man that experienced many hardships throughout early life. Kidnapped at age eleven, sold into slavery, and beaten ruthlessly.

Never the less, Equation was a man of great courage and bravery. He spoke at many meetings describing the brutality of the slave trade. Equation was a successful man, writing a best selling autobiography. A man of integrity and hardwood, Aloud Equation.