Old Testament Bible Summaries Essay

The book of Exodus is a narrative account but also a book containing the laws of God. A few of the key events that happened in this book are when Moses was put in the river because of the male infant massacre commanded by the Pharaoh’s fear of the Israelites numbers, after growing in the palace Moses kills and Egyptian worker after witnessing an Israelite being beaten to death. Because of this Moses flees to the desert where he marries the daughter of Jethro, living in the desert he is called by God to rescue His people from Egypt.

Thus Moses goes into Egypt and the ten plagues follow because of the hardening of the Pharaoh’s heart, the last plague being the death of the firstborn when the Angel of Death passed over the houses with the lamb’s blood on the door. During which the Israelites had the first Passover. The Israelites are released after which the Pharaoh regrets his decision and follows the people with an army. God then leads the people across the Red Sea which he miraculously divides. After this God calls Moses up into the Mountain where he is to receive the Ten Commandments, Aaron is left below with the people.

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During this time the people complain and ask Aaron to a golden calf, which the people worshiped. This sin angered God, and he would have destroyed them if not for Moses’s plea on their behalf. Some key personalities of this book are Moses, Miriam, Aaron, and Joshua. Proverbs Proverbs is a book of wisdom. Proverbs is full of wise sayings and rhyming quotes that portray a higher truth. Many of the quotes are short and to the point allowing them to stay fresh in the mind of the reader. The assumed author of Proverbs is Solomon, the son of David, who was and is the wisest man to walk the Earth.

The book’s purpose is said to be mainly to teach God’s people wisdom in their ways of life. The main concern of this book is found in the first several verses, precisely in verse seven where we find the words “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all knowledge. ” Even though there are several matters that are attended in this book, the fear of the Lord is the most common concern addressed in Proverbs. The proverbial sayings in this book are quite easy to remember as well as easily applied to in our everyday life. Proverbs is actually one of the only books so easily applied to our lives today.

In essence it is a guide to one’s life whether in ancient times or in modern times. Daniel The book of Daniel is a highly prophetic book. The book tells the story of Daniel and how God is sovereign above any man or earthly king. It also portrays the future of Israel as compared to the Gentile nations. The books tell the story of Daniel and his three friends Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, they are captured and taken to Babylon. God blessed them because of their obedience and the King seeing their courage brought them into the service of the King.

One night the King had a dream that none of his servants could translate, it fell upon Daniel to translate it. Having prayed and asked God for wisdom Daniel was able to tell the King the meaning of his dream. This dream was of a great statue presenting the kingdoms. The King then made gigantic statue of himself and forced all the people to bow. Daniel’s three friends refused to bow saying they worshiped only their one, true God. Thus the king in anger threw them in the fiery furnace having commanded the servants to raise the fire to seven times the heat.

Because of their love and devotion to God, He spared them from the fires. Looking into the furnace the King saw four men, the fourth having the image of the Son of God. He commanded they come out and the people were astounded that there wasn’t even the smell of smoke on their clothes. The king then commanded all to worship the God of Daniel’s three friends. The king’s servants were jealous of Daniel so they tricked the King into creating a law where people could only pray to him. Daniel’s refusal to obey this law forced the king to throw him into the lion’s den.

The Lord showed mercy on Daniel for having obeyed Him and closed the mouths of the Lions. The next morning the King found Daniel and threw the men who tried to hurt Daniel into the lion’s den. Job The book of Job is a narrative account of a man’s life. The purpose of Job is to show that everything both good and bad happens with God’s permission. It shows us that Satan cannot hurt us unless God allows it. This does not mean that God wants to hurt us, most often it is to strengthen us, or to teach us. The book tells of a man by the name of Job who was a god-fearing man.

The books starts out when Satan goes to God and says that the only reason Job is faithful is because he has thousands of blessings all around him, he asks God’s permission to test the faith of Job. God allows him to with boundaries. The book goes on to tell of how Satan takes Job’s children, crops, and beasts away. Not only this but he also throws upon Job boils and sores. Through this entire time Job does not turn away from God even when his closest friends and even his wife tell him to curse God and die. Job remains faithful to God.

Near the end of the book Job begins to ask God why he has allowed this, he then learns valuable lessons. At the very end God gives his health, happiness, and prosperity back to him with even more than before. Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes is a book of wisdoms. The book was written to give perspective to its readers, it is said to be written by the “preacher” or “teacher”. The author explains how looking for happiness in the earthly pleasures of life only produces sadness. It allows us to see the world through a wise man’s eyes, but also through the eyes of a man whom s trying desperately to find the meaning of life in the things of this world. By the end of the book every pleasure has been explored by the “teacher”, where he realizes that none of these pleasures give him any sense of purpose or meaning. Thus the “teacher” comes to the final conclusion that God is the only way to find purpose in life. The ‘teachers” advice to the readers of the book is to become more focused with the things of God and less with the things found on Earth. Finally this book was written by the wisest man who ever walked the earth, the son of David, Solomon.