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On the homefront, the women are the ones that take care of the houses and the children, while the men head off to war, or their jobs. Some men get drafted and some men never get to see their family again. The men go off to fight for a reason. That reason is to fight for freedom. Without the help and bravery of the women on the homefront, the war could not have been won. Women on the homefront had many things to do. This war lasted for 6 years. Some of those women and children could not stay through the whole war because of ending up in poverty or just trying to escape. Rachel Wells was an influence on the homefront. She took care of her children, while her husband went off to war. Rachel Wells lended some money to the government to help supply the soldiers, along with that she supplied them with blankets and clothing. Rachel Wells and her children had to make a decision. That decision was to either stay or flee, and they chose to stay. She and her children had to play part in the war and suffer some of the dangerous war times. British soldiers were making their way through the town. Before they left they stole a large portion of money from Rachel’s family. She and her children tried to start over but before that the family ended up in poverty. Rachel tried the best she could to beg the government to lend her some money but that did not work. Rachel made a big influence on the homefront and tried the best she could to keep her house safe along with her children.Some women wanted more than just a job on the Homefront, so that’s where some of the women started thinking about being spies. Those women had to be very brave to do that. Back in the colonial times, women were not allowed to fight in wars so that’s when they started dressing up as men.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Secretive SpiesBeing a spy might sound easy, but imagine having to risk your life in a battle. Women were very brave and without the women that helped in this war they would not have won. Those women who chose to do that disguised themselves as men. Many women had a difficult decision they could either help out in wars, or fight in war. The women that helped, helped carry extra supplies. Women sometimes also followed their husbands in war. The women Women were forbidden from the Army. At least four women broke that rule. None of those women went into war looking like themselves. Some women did face paint, and others cut off their hair and sewed outfits that the Army would wear. The women that did this were very sneaky about it but later on many people in the colonies soon found out about this. Many were shocked after they found dead bodies on the battlefields after war. A young women named Deborah Sampson was a spy in the Revolutionary War. She cut her hair short and dressed up in a soldier’s uniform. She even changed her name! Her new name was Robert Sherlieff. Deborah sewed herself a men’s coat and bought a hat, gloves, and etc;  Deborah soon became ill and went to a doctor and when they took her blood pressure they found out that she wasn’t a man at all. Many heard the news and were very shocked. Rumors went around the colonies. Deborah was enlisted in the American Revolutionary War and was very brave to do what she did. Many people were ashamed that some women broke the laws but many women also wanted to fight for independence, and they had the rights to fight for what they thought was fair.