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On the night of September 22, 2006, Cassie Jo Stoddart was murdered by Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik. The morning of the murder Brian recorded himself talking to Cassie in the halls asking if she knew where Torey was because they were supposed to meet earlier at school. Then they recorded themselves planning out how they were going to kill Cassie. The murder was planned out by both of ┬áthem before the murder occured. They skipped their fourth period class to write out how they were going to kill Cassie Stoddart and while they did that the camera Brian had was recording them for their own satisfaction. Before they played out their killing of Cassie Stoddart they recorded themselves driving to where she was at. Cassie was house sitting for her Aunt and Uncle the night of the murder. She was visited that evening by her boyfriend Matt. Later that evening, Brian and Torey showed up at Cassie’s Aunt and Uncle’s house where she was house sitting to watch a movie with her and Matt. Matt had invited them over because they were supposedly all friends with each other. This did not last long because Brian and Torey decided that they would claim they’d prefer to go to a movie at a local theater, leaving Cassie and Matt at the home. Only they never went to the theatre but instead were waiting for Matt to leave Cassie alone. When Cassie and her boyfriend were alone the electricity suddenly went out for a while and wasn’t put back on until Cassie’s boyfriends mom came to pick him up until that time the power was turned back on. He tried talking his mom into letting him stay the night with Cassie because she didn’t feel safe after the power went out for so long. His mom insisted he came home. Unfortunately Cassie Stoddart was not safe that night. Brian and Torey never left for the movies they were at Cassie’s house lying in wait for their opportunity to kill her. They entered the house and stabbed Cassie 29 times, she was not found until 2 days after the murder by her 13 year old cousin.