On to bring the corporate tax down

On December 22nd,
2017 President Donald Trump announced the new US tax reform, planning to bring
the corporate tax down to 20% from its previous 30%. This decrease in corporate
taxes will encourage all the billions of dollars American corporations are
keeping overseas, to flow back into America, allowing these companies to expand
and create new business opportunities. There is also the potential that this
money will encourage companies to make new jobs, bringing money into people’s
pockets. What will happen then? Well, they’ll spend it, of course.  

What does this mean for
Business Aviation and the private jet market?

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NEXA Advisors has just released
a 2017 research paper called; ‘Business Aviation and Top Performing Companies
2017 S 500 Companies: Using Business Aircraft to Create Enterprise

In the paper, NEXA
analyzed the financial performance of the S&P 500 between 2013 and 2017.
The S&P represents America’s 500 largest publicly traded companies, and
reflects every sector in the economy.

There were two groups of
companies at the center of the research; the users of private jets and those
non-users. The ‘Users’ outperformed the non-users by a whopping 70% over the
last five years. We’ve made the claim before that  business aircraft usage increases employee
productivity, hastens deal closings, and boosts customer interaction, and this
data seems to agree.

We have witnessed a 34%
increase in business aircraft operations over the past five years, and NEXA
forecasts doubling of flight hours over the next 20 years, confirming that top
companies increasingly realize the undeniable advantages provided by business

With this new data, over 150 private jets worth over $5bn (£3.5bn) are expected
to be delivered to Europe this year, with demand on the rise, according to analysis
by Global Jet Capital.

The firm said 13% of the
150 new business aircraft being delivered to Europe this year will go to the

The positive outlook for
global economic growth, along with tax changes in the US under President Donald
Trump have been cited as key to sky-rocketing demand.

According to Shawn Vick,
chief executive at Global Jet Capital, an expansion in the business aviation
sector is expected over the next few years. The factors behind this include growth
economically in most of the major economies, significant investment and strong
corporate earnings.

This will lead to a greater
utilization of aircraft, a decline in used aircraft inventory and a growing
order book for new business jets.


This prediction comes as
new research from Corporate Jet Investor found that a majority of business
aviation professionals are expecting a rise in the number of business aircraft
flights in 2018. Over 60% of the 103 surveyed by CJI said they expect more
corporate aircraft delivered this year, with a surprising focus on larger, more
expensive jets as opposed to smaller ones.

Reasons for the optimism
surrounding the business jet sector were the prospects for global economic
growth, as well as President Trump’s new tax overhaul. The National Business
Aviation Association has said the US tax bill will allow corporate buyers to
expense new and pre-owned business jets.

Around 77% of those
surveyed said they felt the Trump administration would be a positive influence on
the business aviation economy. The sector has been struggling in recent years
but it definitely feels like a recovery is on the way.

With the advent of the
digital age, many thought air travel would decrease but it has actually done
the opposite. Because nothing beats a face to face meeting.

It is apparent that high
performing companies see the value business jet travel adds to their business.
However, private jet sales have been slower since the 2008 market crash and we’re
still seeing a strong number of larger pre-owned jets up for sale. But we can certainly
see companies taking advantage of that 15% tax cut, and using that money to
purchase a used business jet to increase productivity.

Over the last 12 months we’ve
heard concerns from many entrepreneurs who were waiting to see if President
Trump would actually do what he claimed he would (reduce corporation taxes). So,
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