On of the International Criminal Court to

On July 1994, the Rwandan Patriotic Front , which consists of a tutsi rebel group based in Uganda, had been fighting to overthrow the Rwandan government which resulted in the defeat of the Rwandan army and government. As the Rwandan Patriotic Front took over the country their troops killed thousands of Hutu civilians in order to end the genocide; but the amount of these killings were nothing compared to the genocide killings from the hutu.once the Rwandan Patriotic Front were able to secure the victory and end genocide, the RPW faced a long and difficult process of rebuilding a country that had been basically trashed up. After Genocide The Rwandan Patriotic Front came to power and Paul Kagame would become elected as their new president who seeked change and justice. “Today, Rwanda has two public holidays mourning the genocide. The national mourning period begins with Kwibuka, the national commemoration, on April 7 and concludes with Liberation Day on July 4.

” The week following April 7 is an official week of mourning, known as Icyunamo(  ). The genocide was so brutal that it resulted in holidays; genocide served as a motive for the creation of the International Criminal Court to eliminate the need for ad hoc tribunals to prosecute genocide members, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. A lot of issues came within the justice system after genocide, the Rwandan patriotic front pursued a policy of mass arrests for genocide jailing over 100,000 in the two years after the genocide but unfortunately there was only so much space for these prisons that they were getting filled up pretty quickly.

There were 19 prisons and each one was only able to hold about 18 thousand prisoners which was a big issue since these criminals were all locked up with no space at all and there were still much more prisoners to be locked up but since the prisons were overfilled there was nothing that could be done. Since there were less lawyers this meant that trials were longer and there were way too many prisoners in order to get through trial for each one, so many prisoners were just sentenced without going through a process.