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On August 30, 2017, the second strongest observed hurricane in the Atlantic, in terms of maximum sustained winds, hit multiple places. These places include Cape Verde, Leeward Islands, Barbuda, Saint Barthelemy, Anguilla, Saint Martin, the Virgin Islands, Greater Antilles, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Turks, Caicos Islands, The Bahamas, and Eastern United States. This storm was named Hurricane Irma. It was an extremely powerful and catastrophic category 5 storm andthe hurricane has caused a massive destruction and left with a high number of fatalities. For these reasons, I think we should care about this topic. Since Hurricane Irma was one of the strongest storms, it has decimate the land and sea and left in it loads of debris. The force of hurricane winds and the resultant tides of the hurricane were so strong that both plants and animals were ripped right off the seafloor. This leaves the lifeless plants and sea creatures on the sidewalks and sediment. Some debris were left suspended floating in the water, and this can cause multiple problems. Not only they trashed the sea, they also limit the amount of sunlight that reaches marine habitats and that reduces the growth and recovery. The damage to these ecosystem services consequently impacts human well-being, because people can no longer rely on them for food supply. These shallow water marine habitats support valuable lobster fisheries, as well as shrimp, conch, and finfish fisheries. With all of these debris in the sea, we wouldn’t be able rely on them for food anymore. So it’s important to care about the storm because it can damage the ocean’s environment and its sea life.We should care about Hurricane Irma because it didn’t only destroyed the environment, it has also left us millions of dollar is debt and has raises prices for certain items. According to a media company called, AccuWeather, they said, “The costs of Irma will be roughly $100 billion. The costs associated with these storms include: Disruption to business, Unemployment periods lasting up to months, Transportation and infrastructure damages, Crop loss, including 25 percent of orange crop, Increased fuel prices, and Property damages.” In order to pay all this damage, fuel and food prices would increase rapidly. As stated in an financial website titled, The balance, it states “It can raise gas prices to $5 a gallon. It can also depress the stock market and other financial markets!”The last reason why we should give some concentration to hurricane Irma is because it has ruined numerous of  families and left them devastated. The hurricane might have ruined the environment and left the U.S in debt, but nothing compares to ruining families and raising the number of fatalities. According to Wikipedia, it states, “As of October 10, the hurricane has caused at least 134 deaths: one in Anguilla; one in Barbados; three in Barbuda; four in the British Virgin Islands; 10 in Cuba; 11 in the French West Indies; one in Haiti; three in Puerto Rico; four on the Dutch side of Sint Maarten; 90 in the contiguous United States, four in the U.S. Virgin Islands; and two elsewhere in the Caribbean, precise locations unknown.” All these deaths has left families broken apart and annihilate. Hurricane Irma was an extremely catastrophic type of hurricane. It was a 185 mph Category 5 Hurricane that left Florida, Cuba, Puerto Rico and more devastated and some even demolish. Hurricane Irma lasted between August 30, 2017 to September 16, 2017. During the storm, it caused 134 facilities and caused $66.77 billion in damage, which has made it the unofficially fifth-costliest hurricane on record. This is why I think we should care about the deadly storm.