On the Equality of Sexes Essay

Before woman had any rights in this country, things were a lot different when it came for a woman to live its life to its fullest. In the essay, On the Equality of the Sexes by Judith Sargent Murray she talks about all of the problems that woman faced in the late 1700 through the 1800. Throughout the essay, Murray compares the woman’s and man’s right on the ability of imagination, reasoning, memories and judgments.One of the things that she strongly believed that all women were surrenders to use their imaginations and couldn’t live their lives. Murray got her education through her brother. While he was studying to go to Harvard University (back in the day it used to be an all men school), Murray would listen to her brother professor and that’s how she got her education. However Murray held many ideas about women’s education that was very radical during her time period and even today in some other cultures.

Murray felt that the chores that the woman used to do, did not offer any intellectual stimulation and that if women did not find more uses for their intellect, they would use it for ill purposes. Another thing that she also believed was that their was accusations on woman being intellectual inferior stemmed not from their natural abilities, but all of this from the way the woman was raised, as men were encourage to learn and women were suppose to neglect there lack of learning.According to Murray, how could an uneducated woman marry an educated man, how can someone fill someone who is uneducated feel an experience filling of ashamed upon the rest of their life. In another way, if she marries another uneducated man her life will be even worse than if she got married an educated man because than both of them would have no clue what to do with there belongings and how to live a proper life. If they had a good education, people made good choice in life and also they would have made good decision upon marrying someone.Murray lived her life to the fullest but she always thought throughout her life that you can be uneducated but at least your husband needs to be educated so he can bring the money to the house plus he can protect her as a husband should do. On the other hand Murray recognizes the inherent conflict that society brought during her time, particularly the Puritan community, they believed that woman needed to learn the word of God, while discouraging them from the study of the words of men.

All things considered that Murray lived during a time period where there was societal change that fueled the public opinion on the future of America and the American community. We can say that Murray bravely spoke out in the hope that her voice would be listen to many woman whom had the same thoughts as her but were to scared to speak out the discussion toward gender equality. Although true equality would not be seen for many centuries, Murray’s fearless commitment to progress and granting women equality in social standing, marriage and educational opportunity.