On %.. On 11-Sep-2013, the share price



On 22-Jan-2013, Share
price drop down to £268, 6 % of retail profit were turn down to 257 million. In
Kingfisher group,  B&Q stores  like for like sales drop down by 4 %. There
was sales drop down by 9 % in france and 4.9% at Castorama & Brico as well.
There were sales decline in international market as well by 8 %..


On 11-Sep-2013, the
share price climb up to £420, its happen because, kingfisher group DIY retailer
sales was increase by 4.3 %. Statutory post-tax profit seems up by 69.9% including
the £145 million exceptional credit from tax case from Frence. The net cash of
the groupat the period end of £259m

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On 03-Apr-2014, the share price was significantly increased
to £444.2.  Kingfisher group DIY retail
has increase of 4.1% to £744m in pre-tax profits. Total sales of the group
increase by 5.2% to £11.1billion. There was sales increase on like-for-like
store by 7%. Kingfisher group UK & Ireland has sales increase by 2.7 % to £
4363 million. In the year, the group establishes the business and open 91 new
stores across the world.

 On 05-Nov-2014,
the share price was drop down to  £285. kingfisher
group has sales of £2.8 billion, which seems down 0.9% in the year. Group has retail
profit of £225m, which  was hurt by £13m.The
total profit of the group down 6.9%  due
to the difficult trading conditions.

On 16-Jan-2015, the share price was drop down to £318.
The retail profit moves down to 6.9%,  because the group develop the business and
opens the new market in Germany, Portugal & Romania, which cost to the
group by £6m. due to the promotion environment, the prices was reduced. Which
impacted on Retail profit.

11-Jun-2015, the share price increase to £383. total
sales of Kingfisher was increased by4.8% 
and the sales of the stores  like-for-like increased by 3.5% across the
world. The increase seems in France & Castorama by  8.3%. B&Q there was sales increase for outdoor
products OF B & Qby1.3%. Screwfix has establishes the business and opens 11
more outlets in Q2 of the year.

On 6-Jul-2016, the
share price was fall down to £ 306.7. The retail profits of Kingfisher turn
down to  4.8 % at £150m. Retail profits
were hit by £10m . the group has spend £7m on the activities, to support
business development in the new countries.  

04-Oct-2016, the share price increase to £383. sales of  was Kingfisher comes up by 2.7% and there was
increase in  retail profit by 8.7% as
well. The
kingfisher group had net cash of £898m with major capital timing benefits. The result
shows both sales and profit growth.

On 03-Jan-2014, the share price grow up to £235.5. The bonmarche  online sales increased by 60.6%, it was first
time  since listed in the London  stock exchange. store-only like-for-like
growth, meaning total sales growth of Bonmarche  was 6.3%.


On 30-Dec-2014, the share price 
was grow up to£
312.5. Bonmarche  had increase in pre-tax
profit by  £6.4m. of Bonmarche  total revenue raise by 11.8% to £91.1m. There
was 7.8% growth in like-for-like stores sales. The Online sales of Bonmarche were
7.2% , of total sale.


On 10-Apr-2015, the share price slightly drop down
to £259. The sales declined by 4.7%, 3.3% including online. It was the slights
decline from rest of the year, due to poor weather, which created more difficult

On 12-Nov-2015, the share price of Bonmarche has
significantly increase to £316.5. The Bonmarche total revenue increase by 6.5%
to £97m. The Bonmarche profit before tax was £5.4m. they had  tremendous cash generation, with net cash of
£18.6m. the interim dividend of 2.5 pence per share, which was up from 2.3p
last time.

On 6-Apr-2016, The Bonmarche share price was slightly
comes up to £ 188. The total revenues of Bonmarche  increase by 5.3% to £188m. slaes were up by
0.7% forStore like-for-like and online sales was up by 3.6%.  The trading was supported by the more
favorable weather conditions.

On 21-Oct-2016, The Bonmarche share price was drop
down to £83.00.  The pre-tax profits of
Bonmarche was drop down to £2.5m, which was down from £6.4m last time. Revenues
decrease by 4% to £93.1m and pre-tax profits was down to 63.7% at £2m.  there 1.1% decreases in online sales as well. There
was difficult trading condition.

 On 7-Mar-2017, the
Bonmarche share price goes down again significantly to £74.
The  Sales of Bonmarche  comes down by .5%.  There was decrease of 4.3% in the Sales of  store like-for-like.

3-May-2017, the share price has slit increase to £109.7, the
bonmarche Profts
and like-for-like revenues are still down. Because  Bonmarche  had invested their revenue in the business
development to open the new store.  They
invested almost assumes that profits will recover £6.3miilion to £8 million.