One 25,000,000,000 Kittens and 1 Fennec Fox

One morning I was searching for treasure along the beach. I happened to find a fancy looking bottle. I opened it an a magical genie popped out.

“Your wish is my command he said. “Uhh ok” I said looking confused, “I wish for 25,000,000,000 Kittens and 1 Fennec Fox that is a baby” “Are you sure” said the genie “Actually what is your name” I said with a smirk. “Lucas, Romico.” He said in a surprised voice.

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 I looked in his eyes and saw his sadness. I could tell he didn’t like selfish wishers.I asked him if I could see all the children that did not have enough to eat or didn’t have a family. He said “You may” He showed me about 2 billion people.

It made me cry. Then I said “Ok I want to make a new wish”  “Remember this is your only wish” “I know, uhh ok I want to wish that all the children that have not got a home, water, and food had all of the things I just named.” “Your wish is my command” said Lucus the Genie “Now you may see what you’ve done to the world” He lets me see what I did, I was crying again. This time around  I was crying with tears of joy. I noticed he was crying as well. “Thank you” he said. “I can let one more wish slide what would you like?” Before I spoke I noticed he was chained up and couldn’t get out. “I wish for you to be free and to have the life of a human boy.

”  “A-are you sure?” he said almost crying with joy and hope. “Actually Yes I’m sure.” I said in a Happy voice. He jumped up as the chains flew off. They, landed in a circle.   As he stepped in the middle of the circle it lit up.

There was a bright flash as he had turned into a boy. Now he is lying on the floor. ” Are you ok” I said in a worried voice.He got up and just smiled and disappeared out of thin air. I wondered to tell my family about what happened.After some thinking I decided to not tell them. But, a month later when school started.

I saw him standing there smiling at me then going into my classroom door. I walked in and saw his desk was next to mine. The teacher told us to go to the gigantic carpet area. “Students we have a new student in class today his name is Lucus BluJay Genie.” “Respect him and his toar guide today is Miss Katie Schleis.” Poof everything was gone.

It was just a dream. I woke up sweating and tired. I wondered if they would have a new student today.