One Billion Rising Essay

One Billion Rising is a global movement formed by Eve Ensler to show the world woman’s empowerment through dance and the sobering issue of women’s violence and gender inequality. One billion rising was named through a statistic that one in three girls will be raped or beaten in their life time, adding up to a startling one billion. On Valentine’s Day the organization traveled to Sierra College and other public areas to dance, and enlighten people on pressing issues regarding woman.

Through first-hand accounts it was made clear that women’s abuse is not just a developing country’s problem, but a problem that is happening in the whole world. Issues covered varied from woman here in the US being sold as sex slaves to girls in college being beaten and raped. From every different race, class, and creed Ensler aims to connect the world and show that women’s violence has gone on for far too long, and a call to an end to this barbaric cycle.

For the world to realize that rape should not happen, and for girls that remain silent to be led to believe it’s their fault is backwards and wrong. Under no circumstance does a woman or girl deserve to be subjected to rape or inequality. Statistics shown during the presentation regarding how many woman and children were raped every year was eye opening and angering. To know such injustices were still going on in the world was a damper to an otherwise beautiful dance performance.

Having personally known a girl who was sexually assaulted, real life accounts after the event of being a part of sex trafficking brought back familiar talks in which I was shown scars of a past that no woman or child deserves to go through. Women that stand up for themselves after being physically or mentally repressed show a true testament to human resilience. Violence towards women needs to stop today.