One metered service basis) , SaaS (subscribing

One such notable evolution is
with the Cloud Computing. In the early 1950’s the concept of mainframe
computing was introduced and since it was not supported in the budget
perspective Virtual Machines like VMWare came into existence in few decades.

This took mainframe computing to a different level altogether and was an
important element in communication and information gathering. Then came the
virtual private networks by telecommunication companies with much lesser cost
using the shared cost method instead of single connection to each user. This
evolution can be seen in levels as Grid computing ( parallel computing to solve
big problems) , Utility Computing ( computer resources are offered on a metered
service basis) , SaaS (subscribing to network based on application) ,Cloud
Computing (anywhere and anytime access).

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The major milestone of Cloud
computing was the introduction of in 1999. The next was Amazon
Web Services in 2002 providing services with storage along with human
intelligence through Amazon Mechanical Turk. Later again Amazon’s Elastic
Compute Cloud (EC2) arrived which enables renting computer to run their own