One and influence over its citizens. In

of the most advanced form of communicating and interacting with people is
social media. With the great advancement of technology our access and use of
media is greater than ever before. Without the media, many of us may have great
difficulty accomplishing our daily activities and routines; we use it for our education,
work and even personal relationships.

   Recently mass media has gained more control
over what political information is presented to the public. Americans, along
with other developed nations, are now, dependent and affected by media in
several ways. An independent media is a vital feature to any political parties.

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If government could control the all of their information regarding its action,
then Thus, the media acts as an effective check on
government power and influence over its citizens. In the last few decades,
there has been an unprecedented growth in mass media accompanied by the falling
costs of radio, TV, satellite and Internet services. This phenomenon has helped
bring political information to a much wider audience. On the other hand, the
boom in media services has also allowed various organizations from all over the
political spectrum to quickly and effectively reach their target audiences.

   Social media may influence voters. Social
media including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become major battlegrounds
in elections. Presidential candidates use social media to organize supporters
and raise funds. The use of social media is more effective for presidential
candidates than campaigns. Political leaders use social media to get to know
their voter’s political ideologies and policy views.

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Social media makes it easy for people to communicate and interact
with each other anytime anywhere in the world. People can stay connect to their
families and loved ones no matter how far they are from each other. That
ability to communicate with people all over the world has made people much more
open to other societies and other cultures as well. When people learn about
other cultures they become more open to new ideas, more open to change and more
accepting to other cultures.

Social media also have a downfall. With today’s social media it is
more difficult for a politician or person in the public eye to hide their flaws
or devious behavior. Once a quote, statement or picture is posted in social
media it cannot be retrieved even if the original post is taken out. With the
age of internet, the crime of identity theft has also risen dramatically and
the possibility of a theft of a person’s voice in the politically process could
be a reality. Once a person’s vote is stolen their voice is lost and the votes
could be sold for a profit. The challenge to the validity of our future elections
could destroy the confidence in our electoral process.

The future of the United states government, policy structure, and
elections will evolve around the emerging social media. How well politicians
and government officials use the technology could shape the policies of the