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One source of potential problems of the learner is cross-cultural differences in ways of using this sources , ( 156 , Hugh trappers-Lomax ) both reading and writing in second language are complex skills, capable  of causing great difficulties to learners : writing especially , because the output is a product (text) that in addition to being satisfactory in terms of contents needs to meet reader expectation in terms of register and generic features and also attain an adequate standard of linguistic accuracy.

The role of culture is very important and it may cause many problems to the act of plagiarism because different cultural attitudes toward textual possession could result in unintentional plagiarism.

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The problems which directly related to my research paper such as pedagogical practices, educational system, and unfamiliarity of students of applied linguistics with academic writing lead them to plagiarism.


Citation is one of important key word in this research, the rules of discourse in this academic community require the writer to situate himself a relation to the existing body of published knowledge, whether in order to use it as support, to exemplify a point, to build on it, or to take issue with it. The term for this reference to the works of other authors is often referred to as citation (center for academic writing in the central European university,2004 ). Writing is the principal means of communication in the academic community, where ideas and evidence are exchanged through the publication of articles and books. In order to be accepted as an academic, he has to show some sort of original contribution to the discipline and in the words of Philips and Pugh (1994) ” aware of what is being discovered, argued about, written and published by the related academic community across the world.”

plagiarism is the main problem of students lack knowledge about citation skill and language re-use ( the art and skill of paraphrasing).

Plagiarism has long been used as a covering term for inaccurate behavior, some of which, but not all, refer to textual activity. Poor referencing, inadequate paraphrase and inaccurate citation lead students toward the danger of plagiarism.

Various terms have emerged in the literature including patchwriting (Howard 1999), LANGUAGE RE-USE (Flowredew and Li 2007), mediated authorship (Prior 1998), textual appropriation (Shi 2006,2010), each of highlighted a different aspect of source-based writing and relations between the cited and the citing text. The term “textual borrowing ” (Currie 1998, Barks and Watt 2001, Shi 2004, Petric 2012) was the most commonly used replace plagiarism.

Howard introduced the well-known term patch writing, defined as ” copying from a source text and then deleting some words” altering grammatical structures or plugging in one synonym for another. (Pecorary and Petric 2014)

But in this research the important term Language re-use is very meaningful term replaced plagiarism.

Re-use means again use of words, not ideas in research lines with paraphrased and cited words. It has the positive feeling in contrast with plagiarism.