One as human rights are very basic in

of the biggest concerns in today’s progressive society is the heavy encroachment
of human rights. Even though development of society is a continuous and increasing
trend today, it is proving to be ineffective in guaranteeing basic and uniform
human rights to every individual irrespective of their identity. Human right
laws and agencies aim at the prevention of such violation and to secure even
rights to all as human rights are very basic in nature and should be enjoyed by
all regardless of their age, sex, caste, nationality, creed etc. yet there exists
disparities in observing such laws and warranting such rights and the sexual
minorities have been found as the frequent and perpetual victim of such

live in a society which often tends to discard anything that doesn’t strictly
adhere to the common perception of most individuals. As a result,
heterosexuality has become the median of forming opinion and common consensus
of sexual orientation and homosexuality or any other sexuality which doesn’t conform
to such belief is considered improper or inappropriate. Consequence of such has
been seen through behavioral disparities towards them in workplace, public
domain and in ensuring rights to them.

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the huge wave of human rights activism and upliftment of the minority category,
the position of the sexual minorities remains stagnant if not worse in some
countries. Where we see in some parts like USA LGBT rights have been made
available through colossal struggle, we also find places like Africa which
remain regressive when it comes to such recognition and to the extent of criminalizing
such practices. Therefore prejudice towards the sexual minorities have
prevailed through ages and continue to halt the progress of humanity.

rights development framework employed by many International Agencies is known
as capabilities approach1. Under
this the progress plan is to increase the human capabilities which include to
make a living, access to education, have full health etc. The similar approach
can be used by the sexual minority community to generate development scheme.2