Online Event Seat Reservation System Essay

Specific Objectives •To create a website that intended for seat reservation and ticket purchasing for any event. • To create a log-in system for the customers to make sure that they will purchase a ticket, and for their safety. •To create a page that can show what event is to be showed, the date it will premiere and to book for it online.

•To create a seat map, that will show the customer where they wish to seat inside the theatre. •To make payment easy using PayPal or Credit card. To create a site locator that helps the customer to find where is the establishment or theatrical house is located. •Our system will give a notice via e-mail that will notify if your ticket is successfully booked or not. Problems: •Not all ticketing sites cover’s all events, but our system will sum up all events, but our system will cover all the events from cinemas, concerts, theatres, etc. •Not all ticketing sites are using online payment like PayPal, they still use the manual payment and still experience a long line, but our system will use PayPal and credit card as means of payment. Some ticketing sites still have problems like ticket lost or unauthorised claiming of tickets and for that ours will give you a message via e-mail.

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•Some ticketing sites has no log-in systems and for that unauthorized claiming of tickets, but our system has a Log-In system and it will provide the right information to make sure that those problems will not happen. •Some ticketing sites don’t have maps on their page, but our system has a map page so you don’t need to browse or search the site.