Online Reservation Essay

This chapter serves as a foundation for the proponents to pursue their research and at the same time a basis for ideas, concepts and modifications. Existing studies and literature enables the proponents to broadly understand their chosen field. Significant theories were included to give more enlightenment to the reason and purpose of the study. This chapter serves as an overview of the proposed system.

It contains the different researches made for the proposed system. It includes literature and related studies. Related LiteratureThis is composed of discussions of facts and principles collected from local and foreign material that are directed to the present study. Foreign Literature. How online reservation software has simplified our day to day life.

Authored by George published on May 12,2010, states that, “Hotel reservation software helps anyone reserve rooms at a hotel for an extended stay vacation, weekend getaway, or even on a one night trip. Instead of calling in ahead of time and reciting your credit card number over the phone, you are able to enter the required information on a secure website to ensure that your reservation is complete.Not only is it convenient to you, it is also convenient for the hotel staff because they do not have to worry about not receiving your monetary information or making a mistake in booking a room. All of the information is right in front of them from now on.

The Online reservation system as mentioned previously is a secure way to book all of your reservation needs. Coupled with online reservation software and free booking system software. Your dreams of owning your very own bed and breakfast can finally come true.If that isn’t in the cards for you, perhaps a timeshare option will work out better for your customers. ” In creating a system, you must have the knowledge in software engineering to be able to produce a successful program. As Sommerville (2009, p. 7) stated, “Software Engineering is an engineering discipline which is concerned with all aspects of software production from the early stages of system specification through to maintaining the system after it has gone into use.

” This goes for the design also because planning a design for the system is a ajor part in developing a system. Design is important in developing a system, because it serves as a guide to help developers analyze the process of creating the system. According to Roger Pressman’s (2008) book of Software Engineering: “Design is the first step in the development phase for any engineering product. It is the process of applying various techniques and principles for the purposed of defining a device. ” Local Literature. Having a computer and internet technology in the business could be a great step in making the business competitive.

Putting the business information online could attract more customers because it is accessible of gathering information. We all know that when there is a business, there is always a competition among the business. In the Business Mirror Magazine stated that, “In today’s competitive business environment, Filipino companies that can make their business information accessible online will be able to attract more customers. ” Business establishments are using computer as a tool for their operations and transactions because it helps them to make valuable decisions and answer their questions Related StudiesForeign Studies. Local Studies. Nowadays, we do everything on the internet because of the on-going growth of technologies. And businesses, either small or big, now uses the internet as a way to transact business with their customers.

And it is much easier now because a lot of people have computers and internet available at their home. Online Systems can benefit both employees and the customers of a certain business. This could make the work of employees easier and faster, and lessen the time spent, eliminating redundancy of record and lessen the time spent.

A published study entitled “Online Appointment Scheduling System” authored by Amy Kreydin (2009) stated that “For medium or big sized business online scheduling software can reduce instances of phone tag and client frustration saving time and money. Most small business owners won’t catch every phone call coming in and a call lost could mean the loss of a sale. Adding online appointment scheduling to service based business websites can save money and time. Customers appreciate the ease of booking online and perceive it as a value added service making this a win-win for many companies.An appointments booking system that is web based becomes a valuable tool for the service industries.

Companies specializing in offering this service vary from low-tech appointment request software allow the owner and employees to access the schedule anywhere with an internet connection. Likewise the customer can be granted access twenty- four hours a day, seven days a week. ” Online appointment scheduler – Appointment made easy by Maria Clock on June 8, 2011, states that: “Online appointment scheduler is an online method to provide schedule appointment to your customers.World Wide Web helped not to restrict ourselves only to planners, appointment cards and telephone that can be tiring at times. Through online appointment scheduler, it is much easier and convenient, efficient and reliable to make appointments which also save un a lot of time.

It takes not more than a minute or two to get it going. Most of us use internet every day and can access it anywhere now. The technology helps us to manage all the important events in our lives and an online appointment scheduler is a must in today’s busy and competitive lifestyle.