Online School Essay

Furthermore, students should be able to interact with people their a GE. Students have to be sociable around people because they need to learn how to come I n contact with different kinds of people. Not learning how to be sociable can result in student TTS becoming shy and may be harder for them to build confidence around people. Students nee d that help with social skills so that they can feel comfortable around people. Its important be cause no matter what career they have, when they get older they will always have to communion cater with people.

Children look forward to school the most because of their friendships .What makes most teens happy is knowing they have friends to talk to and hangout with. W thou that, children won’t have anything to look to. Most children and teens gain friends I n school. Without school, it is hard for children to have friends. However, children will n tot be able to live the childhood that they should.

They won’t have many fun experiences and w onto make many memories with people. Loneliness can be a feeling of depression and sadness that a child should not have.