Only Fear Leads to Discrimination Against Immigrants Essay

Fear of the unknown was present through centuries of discovering the new world, outside Europe. The perfect example is the finding of the third world and the result of it – massive genocide of the Indian society. Nevertheless, is fear really the only reason of discrimination that lives throughout the world even nowadays? People of the modern society is now educated in the spirit of peace, bringing no matter to the color of skin, culture, behaviour … As we can see, that is not really the case. For example: France.

The French are throwing out of the county all “gypsys” because they are convinced that they are one of the reasons for their economical problems and rising of criminal. The European Union is afraid of accepting Turkey in their circles because of the many muslims that would gain unlimited access in other countries – everyone is afraid of their “jihad – the sacred war” and terrorism. Not going to extremes, shows us the other side. Looking down on someone that has a different color of skin is a result of thinking that some races are better then any else.

Racism in our country is not that present, nationalism is more. Because of ex-Yugoslavia and Slovenia being always the more developed country in it, we were always looking down on Serbian, Croatian and other nationalities. Now we blame them for our crisis. I personally do not mind different people to be a part of my life, my country. As long as they know our language, our culture and respect me the way every human being should respect another.