OPPO smartphone brand the world in 2017

OPPOElectronics Corporation (commonly referred as OPPO) is a Chinese consumer electronicsfirm.

One of the OPPO’s major product lines include smartphones. The OPPO wasestablished in China in 2001 and launched in 2004. The company has registeredthe OPPO brand name in the worldwide.

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OPPO is now known primarily due to theirsmartphones, mainly targeting younger generation with a small budget.Accordingto IDC report, it was ranked as the number 16 smartphone brand the world in2017 and was the number 12 smartphone brand in China in 2016. OPPO entered themobile phone market in 2008.TheOPPO R5, which was launched in November 2014, was at the time the world’sthinnest smartphone.

It is 4.85mm in thickness except for a slight bulge wherethe camera lens is located. The R5 has a 2 000 mAh battery which can be chargedup to 75% in 30 minutes using OPPO’s own VOOC Flash Charging technology. The R5uses a SnapDragon 615 octa-core processor, running at 2.1 GHz.

OPPO beganshipping the R5 in the UK on 20 February 2015. One of OPPO’s older phones, theFinder, previously held the record for the world’s thinnest smartphone. Visionand Mission of the companyOPPOdidn’t mention their vision and mission apparently. They already have mentionedtheir brand philosophy behalf of that.

As well as they say which their maintarget is giving the best selfie experience to their customers. Bellowparagraphs explain about their brand philosophy and related things under that.AtOPPO, the company believe that true innovation is all about changing, renewingor creating more effective products that make consumer life simpler. A corepart of OPPO’s company culture lies in its commitment to working with its fansto develop and deliver the best products possible, through openness to customerfeedback at affordable price. OPPO’sbrand philosophy is summed up in the phrase “The art of technology”.It conveys our business principles of honesty, integrity and ethics. They areconsistent in its determination to not only do things right, but also to do theright thing in any given situation. Strengthsand Weaknesses of the company·        Strengthso  OPPO has established itself well inshort amount of time in countries like China and India.

Countries like Chinaand India have big population and they have a big amount of youngest people. SoOPPO easily can attract youngest people to their products because their maintarget audience is youth. o  OPPO offers multiple models withinnovative design and features like Selfie Expert. Today world is changing byday after day. All of us should change with the world. Unless we change,automatically we out of the trend and also the competition. Always younggeneration is like to change and it might be the main reason that OPPO is doinga lot of innovations.

o  The brand offers high end specificationsat affordable prices. For an instance, we can get high end memory and camera.Usually they do a big manufacturing and due to that their unit cost is lowerthan other competitors. So they can markup affordable prices for their productsand through that they can easily increase their sales volume.o  OPPO has marketed their brand well. Foran instance in India they have signed up with celebrities like Hritik Roshan,Yuvraj Singh, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Siddarth Malhothra. When lookat the Sri Lankan market they have signed up with Sri Lankan famous cricketerAngeleo Mathews.

o  Company manufactures phones, Blu-rayplayers and headphones. So already they have a variety of electronic products.o  OPPO’s parent organization BBKelectronics also owns Vivo and Oneplus which are also rising fast. ·        Weaknesseso  Intense competition is faced by mobilecompanies like OPPO.o  The brand does not have cleardifferentiation from other smartphone brands in its segment.

o  Always OPPO try to highlight theirselfie camera of the mobiles. They already use the term called as SelfieExpert. They try to position and differentiate their products through that. Butin branding, use a physical feature to positioning some product is very dangers. Existingbrand imageBrandImage is how customers think of a brand. It can be defined as the perception ofthe brand in the minds of the customers. Brand image develops over time. Thecustomers form an image based on their interactions and experience with thebrand.

These interactions take place in many forms and not necessarily involvethe purchase or use of products and service.EveryCompany strives to build a strong image as it helps in fulfilling theirbusiness motives. A strong brand image has following advantages.·        More profits as new customers areattracted towards the brand.

·        Easy to introduce new products under thesame brand.·        Boosts the confidence of existingcustomers. Helps in retaining them.·        Better Business-Customer relationship.Everybodyknows OPPO as a one of mobile phone brand. OPPO don’t have a long history.Still they have only like 15 years’ history.

But as a mobile phone brand,OPPO’s brand image is good comparatively with others. OPPO’s brand image hasfollowing characteristics.·        As soon as the brand of OPPO see, hearor remind, automatically we are memorized a something about a mobile phone andeven selfie. ·        Selfie is the most related feature ofOPPO brand. Now a day’s take selfies are a trend. Even people who like to takeselfies than the others, usually we say which there fancy or funny people are.So OPPO has some fancy brand image as well.

·        But consumers don’t think which OPPO asa quality product. Most of people walk away from OPPO because they think it hasa cheap quality. ·        OPPO don’t have some of aboveadvantages.

They can easy to introduce a new version under the same brand namebecause everybody knows about their brand. But they can’t boost the confidenceof their existing customers because they are not going to trust about the brand.Even it might be badly affect to their better business customer relationship.Businessspends most of their time, effort, and resources in building their brandidentity. They decide how their brand will look, how should the customer feelwhen they contact with the brand, where should the brand be located inconsumers’ mind (Brand positioning), and other associations. This all, whensummed up, gives rise to a brand personality which eventually gives rise to thebrand image when the customer interacts with this brand.

Brandheritage is an asset in building long term brand reputation, but equally,brands must adapt and recognize that the market is changing and expect brandevolution. Brand HeritageWhenlooking at this years, we can realize that OPPO has not a too longer heritageor history. Which means it has around 16 years’ history. Butas a brand, they have done a very good job within last decade.

They became anumber one mobile brand in China and also they expanded their operations toother countries like India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Finally,Unless OPPO has not a long history, we think usually they did their operationswell due to their good performance in last decade.