Oral History Essay

Oral History
Have you ever read Oral history in your life? Oral History is the study of historical information recording of interview with people having personal knowledge of past events. For many years, authors have written myths, fables and parables. The problem lays arguments of whether oral history is reliable. I believe oral history depends positively in our society because oral teaches something about life. Also oral history is meant to explain a bigger picture. But sometimes, oral might mislead in some parts. Have you ever learn lessons from myths, fables and parables?

The importance of oral history is reliable because it teaches something about life and so that we could fix our mistakes by reading oral histories. According to an article called, “The Odyssey” by Homers stated “Menelaus and Helen received him graciously as their guest. The ties between guest and host were strong. Each was bound to help and never harm the other. But Paris broke the sacred bond.” It gives a lesson to learn in our life by reading a few sentences from The Odyssey. Menelaus and Helen overstay the host welcome and based on this, we should learn that we are not supposed to overstay your welcome. Sometimes guest overstay hosts welcome and it is so annoying. If you were this type of the person, you should learn a lesson from here in order to fix your problem. In addition, the article called, “The Power of Myth” by Joseph Campbell stated, “No, mythology is not a lie, mythology is poetry. It’s important to live life with the experience. You learn to recognize the positive values in what appear to be the negative moments and aspects of your life.” Since Oral histories are not a lie, oral history always gives a true life lesion. By reading Fable stories, we learn a lot of themes and we can recognize the positive and negative moments of our life. Everybody is not perfect, we all made mistakes in our life. But sometimes by reading the fables, we actually learned the lessons in order to recognize our mistakes or lessons. Not only does oral history teach life lessons, also oral history has more reasons why it is reliable in the world.

Perhaps the oral history is reliable because sometimes, it’s meant to explain a bigger picture. In the story called, “The Odyssey” by Homers state Athena appears like a mentor in order to give advices to Telemachus to look for his father. It is a way for the gods to show their powers, by behaving subtly. Even though the gods are not real in the oral history, the gods appear as another person to describe a bigger picture. Athena dress as another person explains the way of their representing. Athena’s appearance explains a bigger picture because Athena helps people problems by dressing difference appearances. Oral history explains the importance of something when you can understand situation or concept. In particular, the another article named, “The Power of Myth” by Joseph Camells stated, “The way to find out your happiness is to keep your mind on those moments when you feel most happy,, when you really are happy— not existed, not just thrilled, but deeply happy.” Myths are meant to explain how to find happiness in hard times. Especially when you were so sad, you would find a major solution to find happiness and you would deeply happy. Oral history is reliable because in oral history books, the bigger picture is to express thoughts and feelings in a manner. I understand everybody has different opinion and some people want to refute my claim.

Considering the importance of oral history is reliable, it’s understandable that many people opposed my claim and would believe the oral history is not reliable. I understand why they believe this way because the myths, fables and parables might forget things or events. According to an article called, “Interpreting Oral History” stated, “John F. Kennedy’s assassination not only reshaped American’s subsequent views of him but even changed how they remembered their earlier perceptions. Although Kennedy was just 49.7% of the vote in the fall of 1960, almost 2/3remeber voting for him.” Because the oral history has been written many years ago like myths, the oral history is forgotten things over and over again. Before John F. Kennedy die, people didn’t vote for him a lot and hate him. After he die, people forgot about the past events and vote 2/3 for him. People usually forget most of the things from past and stay what they are right now. Although oral history is forgotten, the stories or oral history are always teaching us something about life and express feelings. Well, people don’t forgot things such as their mistakes, they just forgot some of the moments from their past. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that the oral history is not reliable. How many oral history books don’t have a life lesson? Every book does give a life
lesson to teach you in your life even though the books have been written many years ago.

It is clear that the only acceptable way of believing the oral history is reliable because it begins to give life lessons and meant to explain bigger pictures. Many oral history books such as fables, parables or myths always give us a moral and express their thoughts to explain a major situation. Most important, the oral history books had to deal with our life and give life benefits to us. By reading the oral history books, the books would help to express our thought to have a bigger picture and recognize positive or negative moments in our life. Some people thought this is wrong when other people talked something about life lessons. There are many people who rely on myths, fables and parables stories just for getting life lessons and important parts.