Organization Strategy Paper Essay

Organization Strategy Research Paper Organization is a skill that comes very naturally to some. Things must be organized in order for me to perform well at work and at home. It is a waste of time and energy searching for something when you need it. There are times that nothing seems to be where it belongs and I feel like the house is in such a mess that it will just be easier to go to the store and replace the item that I am searching for. The problem in my life is with organization and clutter.

There are all types of clutter in our home. There is important clutter such as the mail that hasn’t been read, paperwork to complete for school, doctors, veterinary appointments, the bank and the insurance company just to name a few. There is also the clutter that sits atop the refrigerator. I call this the orphanage. My daughters have friends who will come often to visit. By the end of the summer we will have a few beach towels, toys and clothing left that no one wants to claim.

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Our wonderful extended family will drop by often with food for us. The dishes used to bring the food over get put atop the refrigerator also with the intention that I will reciprocate their kindness and bake something and return the dishes full, rather than empty. Before I ever get a chance to bake, the generous gift giver will be coming after their dish, and then a wave of guilt comes over me. I wish I would be organized with my time and my home! Being unorganized interferes with your life and your friendships in many ways.

When you are devoting too much time trying to deal with stuff, you are devoting less time to important things like relationships and serving others. I desperately want to change this part of my life. If I can come up with some simple solutions and stick to them, I will be able to become organized; therefore I will be a much happier and easier person to live with. To bring about a change in our behavior, new habits need to be started by my family and me. Since we have not found a solution to solve the problem on our own, research will be required.

The most important skills for a person to master when doing research is how to choose appropriate starting points for research; use search and query engines; take notes digitally; evaluate the quality of online materials; and cite electronic documents. There are a number of places in the Web to search for information on the topic of organization. The best place to begin research is through a library or university. The information is most reliable when these sources are utilized. Search engines and online databases can also be used to conduct research.

While performing research a person can use the Web more effectively if they learn to take notes in digital form, instead of printing or copying everything to paper. “Saving and copying information from Web pages digitally avoids error and makes it easier for students to return to important sources. ” (Goett, P. 92) Upon completion of the research, it is time to evaluate the research and compose a plan of action. There were many resources related to the topic of organization in the Web. One resource was very helpful because there were several techniques suggested to organize every room of a home and office area.

The first step of the process to solve the organization problem is to assess the situation by making lists of what is working, what is not working, what items are the most important, why do I want to get organized and what is causing me to be unorganized. The next step to solve the organization problem is to create a plan. You should start by visualizing what you want a room to look like and how you would like it to function when the problem is finished. Once you have analyzed the problem and have a visualization of the room, you can divide your room into zones.

To design zones for a room you can make columns on a piece of paper, listing the activities that take place in the particular room, all of the supplies that are used for each activity and the types of storage that will be utilized to store the supplies. Once you have decided on storage and activities it is time to map out your space. You can begin by sketching your space out on a piece of paper. There are several details to take into account when determining where each zone should be located. Natural habits and preferences will be an indicator or where a certain zone will be.

If you tend to throw your mail on the counter as you walk in the door that may be an ideal place for a basket to store mail and paperwork. The relationships of the activities need to be considered. A TV zone and a reading zone should be put at opposites ends of a room so that people can utilize the space simultaneously. The configurations and restrictions of the room also need to be taken into account. When you are setting aside time in your schedule, it is important to estimate how much time the organization process will take.

Most rooms will take one to one and one-half days to complete. Blocking out the time on your calendar will be required so you can create an effective work schedule. In conclusion, after researching my problem I realize that I need to develop a plan of action to organize my home. I will accomplish this by realistically analyzing the time that is needed and block it out on my calendar. I will establish zones in each room and set up storage solutions for the supplies needed in each zone.

Researching my problem has helped me to gain an understanding of what is not working and ways to make our space work better for the entire family. I look forward to organizing my home and being able to spend time on activities that I enjoy more often. References Goett, J. , Foote, Kenneth (2000). Cultivating student research and study skills in Web-based learning environments, Journal of Geography in Higher Education. Oxford: March 2000. Vol. 24, Iss. 1; Pg. 92 Morgenstern, J. (1998) Organizing from the Inside Out