Organizational Culture in Walt Disney Corporation Essay

Michele Vu 860987450 BUS 100W 10/24/12 Walt Disney: Organizational Culture Disney as a company first started as an animated film industry in October 16th, 1932.

They were originator of the infamous cartoon Mickey Mouse that put them on the market. From then on Walt Disney became one of the biggest animated film companies. Through the years Walt Disney developed a theme of “to bring happiness to all” through “magic” and Disney’s team of creative and innovative people would continue Walt Disney Company as it is today.Disney’s organizational culture’s integrity, innovation, and implementing strategic training are the leading cause of the large expansion within the Disney Corporation to different markets. Not only is Walt Disney Corporation dominant in the animation industry but they have expanded to Parks and Resorts, Media Networks, and Consumer products.

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Walt Disney strives to make every effort to maintain integrity through an Open Organization, where new employees are able to integrate into the Disney environment with ease.With every employee, there is a training system in which they try to keep the integrity of Disney, while still maintaining an atmosphere of employee acceptance. The atmosphere that Disney has set for their company allows for the best customers service. While keeping in mind their goal to satisfy customers with their slogan “To Bring Happiness to Millions” they take the time to develop a training program to teach employees how to deal, interact, and yet keep the feeling of a community within their employees.Disney’s training is very thorough, such as the customer service in their Parks and Resorts. Employees are expected to be at their best, such as cleanliness, attentiveness, and informative, if these are not met to their standards they are not fit to work at a Disney Park and Resort. Although Walt Disney has such high expectations of their employees, a survey taken with 82,000 employees shows that Disney employees take pride in their work and feel the need to work harder to improve themselves so that they may take more pride in the improvement within the company ().Walt Disney’s organizational culture has created an environment where employees feel as if they are part of a community and has a pragmatic customer orientated organizational culture.

(). They therefore feel more connected to their job. This then leads to livelier and happier employees who are not forced to meet a quota but are willing and eager to surpass the expectations given to them. Disney’s emphasis on customer service definitely allows them to retain their status of making their Parks and Resorts, the “happiest place on earth. This constant improvement allows Disney to stay on top in the market.

Continuous Innovation results from Walt Disney being a result oriented company, who employ people who are ready to take on new challenges each day. Constantly improving themselves, Walt Disney remains on track with the newest technology. One of Walt Disney largest profit comes from their Parks and Resorts.

With the newest technology, they have created a new section in the amusement park in Disney California Park called Car’s Land. This new addition took 5 years and 1. 1 billion dollars to create().To create this attraction they used the newest technology that is called the “cave. ” This “cave” is shaped like a cave and on all the walls it projects an image. So the images surround the person to allow a person to experience Car’s land without it having being built yet.

These improvements greatly allow them to know exactly what they are making and even get precise measurements to make the park. In the past, they just built the park with a design and were not completely sure how the design would turn out until after they had built the park().This new innovation of technology allows them to save time and give the best product possible.

When time is saved which results in less money being spent, Walt Disney is then able to spend their money on different endeavors such as building new amusement parks and resorts. They currently have six fully built amusement parks and resorts located in California, Florida, Paris, Japan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. They are not only stopping their expansion to those resort, Walt Disney also has multiple cruise ships. Their technology is not just limited to their Parks and Resorts().Disney is known for their classic animated films and to keep to date they have started the transition into 3D films. Walt Disney slogan “to preserve the idea of Magic” needs to help create that feeling for their customers whose parents have felt the “magic” and have brought their children to come experience it for themselves. Their target market is children in terms of film, amusement parks, merchandise, and media network.

Children who are growing up with the latest technology are harder to please. So the advancement of technology is needed such as 3D film and clearer animated pictures.Not only in films are they improving but Walt Disney is a leader in the media network. They have television shows, websites that have games based off of the shows, and learning programs related back to all the great Disney classics(). Walt Disney is able to keep up with these demands because they are a parochial company, where employees are willing to go the extra mile from working at home to putting their best effort to create the finest product. Employees at Walt Disney acquire satisfaction when they accomplished a product that received high appraisal.

Walt Disney creates a working environment where different points of view will be treated with respect. This kind of atmosphere allows all creative ideas to be passed without hesitation to get the best possible result. This then allows Walt Disney to stay as one of the leaders within the market. Disney’s constant attention to consistency and detail, powered by their Pragmatic customer orientation elevates their profits.

Pragmatic customer orientation meets what the customers’ need and the demands in the market. Walt Disney Corporation understands that they must meet customers’ needs.They cater to children’s desires in anyways possible. Not only do they cater to children but they cater to parents, who desire to have their children learn valued lessons from the shows or games available on their website. Walt Disney also provide activities for parents when they take their children to the resorts, such as a child club where they can drop off their children and have a section for just adult entertainment. Even the animation films have themes in which parents can also enjoy watching. The last film that Disney created was “Brave” and it was about conflict between a mother and daughter.This film can be relatable to parents or older individuals watching the film.

Although Walt Disney Corporation is mostly targeted and dedicated to children, Walt Disney also creates an environment that allow teenagers, adults, and any individual feel that they are allowed to be a child for the day. The ambiance Walt Disney presents is not just for children but their attention to detail allows everyone to relate and enjoy their products. Walt Disney does not miss any opportunity and carefully cover every detail that might have been missed.They consistently over the years provide service depending on the market they are targeting. Walt Disney has stayed consistent throughout the years. They were able to maintain their leader position by being a very open company. As a creative company they cannot afford to be close minded.

The Walt Disney Company purposely hire as a people oriented company. People oriented companies hire not just by academics but also by personality. Also their ability to be different and their ability to work well within a team contribute to their success.The Walt Disney Company does not do anything individually. They are a team effort in which cynicism is not allowed (). Having an open minded team allows different ideas to flow and have people think outside the box. Competitors such as Pixar have proven that ideas such as “UP” and “Despicable Me” are capable of hitting high box offices.

The film “UP’s” plot revolves around an old man and a little boy who go on an adventure by a flying house upheld by balloons. The idea is strange. If Pixar asked most people if they would watch that, many would say “no. The ideas are so new and creative that the team alike has to be able to build ideas off of one another.

So personality and the ability to think outside the box is an important factor to Walt Disney’s success. As a company, Walt Disney Corporation believes in quality of their products. Walt Disney plans every step carefully during their process to make sure only the best is seen. When thinking about Walt Disney products, such as merchandise Disney is a large brand.

There are Disney stores located all around the world.The Walt Disney Corporation hire only the best qualified for the position, a person that can fulfill all their requirements of their organizational Culture. Overall Walt Disney has succeeded in ranking as one of the biggest companies in the world. They ranked 66th in the Forb’s Highest Fortune companies in the world.

They also ranked 13th in Forb’s World’s Most Powerful Brand list. They also made an 11. 8% increase in revenue which profited to be 4,807 million dollars. How Disney was able to maintain such performance through the years is also related to the benefits and how they treat their workers.

Within Walt Disney Corporation, they make it their goals to make sure no harassment or discrimination affects their workers. Creating an environment where each worker can comfortably work allows higher company performance. Walt Disney strives to make sure each employee is fit for their job, so they also have programs where they make their new employees join their training classes. These classes teach their employees how to act with customers and around the office. It includes training taking into account the Company’s Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics.