Orkin, Inc. Named to Training Magazine Essay

From the article of “Orkin, Inc. Named to Training Magazine’s Top 125 for Seventh Straight Year”, we can conclude that Orkin had an effective strategic training program such as Power Track Program. Power Track Program is a special, handheld computer technology which enables them to track pest activity and potential pest problems at the time of service. Salina H, Field Service Specialist said that Orkin has a good team atmosphere, relationships and opportunity advancement.

They committed to deliver quality services and always maintaining a high-level of ethical responsibility due to they want to be the best service company in the nation. “We’ve blended our best practices into a comprehensive program that sets us apart from our competitors and directly supports our goal of being the best service company in the world. ” – David Lamb, Rollins’ vice president of learning and media services. From this, they had conducted a lot of training program to address the issues and reach goals.

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Hence, Orkin offer vision-based strategic planning to the employees. Advanced technology and system is a key factor that enables training program of Orkin conducted successfully and smoothly, especially leveraging podcast technology. With the help of podcast technology, sales professional able ongoing learning, critical information about Orkin and the pest management industry and tips for honing sales skills are updating monthly.

Besides that, Orkin also create a live “virtual classroom” to communicate with expect instructors on new technologies and health information. Orkin TV is one of the technologies that launched in 2006. The live satellite broadcasts are combined with on-the-job training and self-directed training. Employees can track their self-directed training in Orkin’s learning management system as they view videos on demand, complete interactive videos on demand and participate in other Web-based training.

Furthermore, Orkin University which is the pest control industry’s premier hands-on training centre, had provide commercial and residential trainees with first-hand knowledge of what to expect when servicing customers across the country. In the university provide the facilities include model restaurant, commercial kitchen, hospital room, hotel room, supermarket, warehouse space and a full-sized, fully functional house for applied learning of pest and termite control methods.