Orwell Present The Character Of Snowball In Animal Farm Essay

In Animal Farm BY letitbe33 How does Orwell present the character of Snowball in animal farm? At the beginning of chapter 5, in animal farm, Snowball is presented as popular with the animals, and skilled at raising support for himself among them. Orwell writes that ‘Snowball often won over the majority by his brilliant speeches’. This shows that he is both good with words and persuasive, as well as liked. Later, when he is banished, the animals are shown as wary, and one even protests against it saying that ‘he fought bravely at the battle Of the owshed’.

By demonstrating that the animals were willing to stand up against his exile, even though they are now terrified of Napoleon, Orwell has made it obvious that they did like and support him, and that they are upset and worried that he is gone. This demonstrates a similarity to Trotsky, from the Russian revolution, as he was popular and well known among the Russian population, who saw him as an inspirational leader. But Trotsky was also then banished, just as Snowball is. Orwell also presents Snowball as tactical and intelligent.

He says that he ‘was n charge of tactical operations’, in the battle of the cowshed which shows that he is intelligent, not only because he has planned what to do, but because he has been considered he best person to do it. Orwell later writes that ‘he talked learnedly about field-drains, silage and basic slag’ which shows that he is knowledgeable and wise and that he is bothered to look into such things. The use of technical language like ‘silage’ also makes him seem intelligent, by implying that he is advanced enough to understand these terms.

This again shows similarity to Trotsky because he was the tactical eneral in the Russian revolution and like Snowball is for the farm, he was the military strategist for the communist party. Finally, Orwell presents Snowball as brave and committed to the revolution and what it stands for. In the battle of the cowshed he is injured when it says that ‘pellets scored bloody streaks along Snowballs back’, and after the battle he states that ‘all animals should be ready to die for Animal Farm’. These show that he himself is willing to give any sacrifice, even his lifer for animalism, which shows a huge amount of commitment.