Othello and Colour Prejudice Essay

Othello and Colour Prejudice

The article “Othello and Colour Prejudice” is one of Shakespeare’s interesting works.  Shakespeare wrote the play Othello with the main character of  “moor” to a man of color as the hero.  While the motivations or reasons on why Shakespeare chose to put a black man as the lead of the play, it is notable that modern views on the selection of the main character is quite different compared during the Elizabethan times.

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The traditional image of a “moor” is negatively depicted as an evil person, barbaric, disgusting just to name a few.  With that being said, Shakespeare used most of these views on someone other than Othello.   Based on the reading of the play, it indicates “Iago as a white man with the black soul while Othello is described as a black man but with a white soul.”  The play describes the character of Iago as having to gradually change from being good to evil. At the beginning of the play, Shakespeare describes Iago as an innocent man.  As the play unfolds, it is noticeable to see Iago shifted and underwent a transformation from being innocent to becoming evil.

Othello is not the type of person that the viewer expected.   The reading points out that it is Iago’s mission to turn Othello back to his old self as “black.”  It is the same as how Elizabethan times have a traditional view of the moor as being the antagonist with a bad character.  At the end of the play, however, Othello loses his faith and turns barbaric by killing Desdemona out of jealousy when Iago fooled him into thinking that Desdemona cheated on him.  When Othello learned about the Iago’s treachery, he decided to turn the sword to kill himself.

            The reading of Shakespeare’s play concludes with a message to the audience that it is up to them on they interpret and judge Othello based on their personal opinion.