Our these cases, Domestic Alicante has specialized

Our Company cleans your home. We have the professional staff
that adapts to the needs and preferences of the client, achieving the
satisfaction of the work: Guaranteed.  
Our team advises on the tasks necessary for the maintenance and cleaning
of the house, apartment, apartment, premises or offices. On this first
approach, we configure the package of essential services that are best adapted
taking into account the preferences and needs of the client with complete
freedom to include new services based on new permanent or specific needs. The
services we offer for cleaning the home range from the typical maintenance

•    Pick up on

•    Soils

•    Kitchen

•    Bathrooms

•    Beds

•    Washing machine

•    Lying

Even the most particular tasks that can be carried out
periodically or on certain days:

•    Ironing

•    Fixes on clothes

•    Cleaning and
relocation of storage rooms

•    Cook

•    Work cleaning

•    Home conditioning

•    Crystals

In short, anything you need and everything with the maximum
guarantee of satisfaction, so you do not have to worry about anything and can
enjoy what matters. Get in touch with us and discover how to start having free
time for less than you imagine.



Cleaning in height with osmotic water 100% purity


The Law of Prevention of Occupational Risks advises within
the cleaning sector not to perform window cleaning with stairs with a height of
action superior to 3.5 meters of altitude without being subject to a sufficient
and necessary firm point to avoid falling accidents to different levels.

Façade cleaning, vertical and height works

In Domestic Alicante, we have a highly specialized team in
the purification of glass facades, whatever their characteristics (height,
difficult access, design).

Our system is based on the application of pure osmotic water
on the surface of the facade and subsequent dragging of the dirt with a unique
brush, which reduces the humidity to small drops that do not leave stains.

We perform this task from the ground whenever possible, but
there are times when the façade presents structural complications. In these
cases, Domestic Alicante has specialized equipment for heights up to 25m
without the need for harnesses, scaffolding or lifting machinery.


•    Cleaning of glazed
surfaces by an osmotic water system.

•    Without
scaffolding assembly.

•    Pole up to 25
meters high.

•    Low cost.

•    Environmental

•    Speed of

•    Availability of
professional climbers for any height.

•    Flexible schedule.

This technique is applied to the cleaning of
difficult-to-access glass, solar panels, etc.

What is cleaning with osmotic water?

This method uses pure water as it is a very aggressive
chemical agent that needs to absorb organic or inorganic impurities to recover
its equilibrium.

The system produces chemically pure water through filters
that sequentially eliminate impurities, first alkaline, then particles in
suspension, among others.

 It is a ecological
cleaning method because you do not have to add any chemical product to the
water and it does not damage the surfaces in which it is applied.

The use of telescopic poles and brushes provide advantages
for customers and workers, who do not need scaffolding or lifting platforms.

With the poles, we save the cost of renting the lifting
equipment, and we avoid the risks of possible falls that involve work at
height. Also, we achieve a more significant optimization of the service because
the worker can perform yields of up to 200 m2 / h.

This method of cleaning with osmotic water, which when
evaporated does not produce any residue, is recommended for large exterior or
interior glazed surfaces.