Over also disturbs the whole family system. Last

Over the past few years, video games have become an inevitable
part of almost every child’s life. They have replaced traditional indoor and
outdoor sports. In America about 91 percent of children aged 2–17 play video
games. This is
very alarming because these games can cause serious physical and psychological
harm to children. So, to protect our children from this evil video games should
be banned.

 Firstly, physical health of children can be
damaged. As children play games for many hours, so they neither do physical
exercise not they pay attention towards eating nutritional food. This causes
obesity, headaches, poor eyesight and lack of sleep among children. In May 2011
the World Health Organisation placed mobile phones and other wireless gadgets on the list
of a possible carcinogen. So, chances of
getting cancer increases in children who play video games.     

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Secondly, video games are designed to be addictive. It is not
any coincidence that one out of five children become addicted to computer
games. The reality is, these games initiate chemical reactions in the brain which are similar to some of the drugs and
kids get a delightful experience which makes
them obsessed with these games. As a result, they do not find time to get
together with family or socially interact with other people. This makes them shy and introvert, and it also
disturbs the whole family system.

 Last but not the least, video games such as
Call of Duty and Watch Dogs etc. literally prepare children to shoot and kill people
in a virtual world. This adversely affects
the psychological behavior of children,
and they become more aggressive, impatient and more significantly the value of
life decreases for them. This is one of the main reason why our younger kids
are always frustrated and intolerant.

 However, opponents say that video games improve decision making and hand-eye coordination skills of children. But
the cost at which these skills are developed is immense. The higher pace
content of video games cause attention disorder and affects the memory of
children. According to a study published in a Pediatrics magazine school children who play video games for more
than two hours a day or more are 67% more likely to develop attention problems.
Furthermore, hand-eye coordination and decision-making skills can be improved by
playing sports like cricket, hockey, and

 Hence, it can be concluded that video games
are harmful to mental as well as physical
health of children. So to preserve our future generations and to create a
healthy society video games should be banned. As they are a great threat to the
well-being of our children.