Over the past decade there has been

Over the
past decade there has been a notable rise in the proliferation of counterfeit

The World
Health Organization defined
counterfeit medicines as

“One which is deliberately and fraudulently mislabeled
with respect to identity and/or source. Counterfeiting can apply to both
branded and generic products and counterfeit products may include products with
the correct ingredients or with the wrong ingredients, without active
ingredients, with insufficient active ingredients or with fake packaging.”

However, The previous substandard/spurious/falsely
labeled/falsified/counterfeit (SSFFC) terminology suffered from a lack of a
global understanding and was sometimes confused to be the phenomenon of
substandard and falsified products with the protection of intellectual property

Such medicines pose a
threat to humanity as they do not cure any illnesses and may even cause
patients’ situations to progressively worsen. Most LEDCs are the quarry markets
of such medicines. One such case is that of diethylene glycol being packaged as
cough syrup and causing hundreds of deaths in Bangladesh, Haiti, Nigeria,
India, and Argentina.

Fraudulent or counterfeit
medicines are relatively cheaper than their unadulterated counterparts, which
has drawn several citizens into a trap, not only do they deprive citizens of
quality health care but also cause considerable economic losses: In 2006, $40
billion U.S.D. was lost to the drug counterfeiting business. Many
pharmaceutical companies have lost their annual profits due to the allure of
cheaper, counterfeited medicines. infact, many patients look online to find
cheaper substitutes. It is estimated that 50% of fraudulent medicine that
patients come in contact with are bought through an online portal.

With the impacts of
globalization, tracking producers and sellers has proven to be difficult,
especially in developing countries where security is weak. These medicines are
counterintuitive as, Health being a major contributor to the development of
human resources and development of a country, these medicines undo all efforts
made my governments of these countries.