Over The Past Several Years Essay

Over the past several years, e-commerce has transformed how people buy and sell online. Electronic commerce is an important application that has evolved significantly recently. It gives companies the possibility of reaching an unprecedented number of clients at very low cost The Internet provides a fast and easy way for people to purchase things without having to visit an actual store. An online store can reach customers anywhere in the world.

In fact, online shopping has become so popular that many vendors sell only online ith no physical location. Electronic commerce systems are complex and difficult to be correctly designed. so we propose a methodology that uses formal-method techniques, Using the proposed methodology, the designer is able to identify errors early in the design process and correct them before they propagate to later stages. Thus, it is possible to generate more reliable applications, developed faster and at low costs.

In order to demonstrate the applicability and feasibility of the technique, we have modeled and verified a irtual store in which multiple buyers compete for product items. https:// techtalkdotorg. files. wordpress. com/2014/1 Ole- commerce_business_models. png For instance, as the mobile agent technology begins to emerge as a viable solution for intelligent e-commerce applications, there is an increasing attempt to ensure that the systems being developed are robust, reliable and manageable.

While the mobile-agent- based e-commerce systems are designed and implemented, their functional orrectness and completeness must be formally verified Our target is to find a formal modeling that can:- Describe the business in a simple and comprehensive model with limited symbols and constraints, so that the clients can easily understand and confirm the processes. Easily extend the semantics and syntax while keeping the constraints with the existed formal methods. Be used in analyzing business logic, focusing on abstract functions for the security issues of profit risk, and proving fairness.