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Overall studies provided enough description of the participation including gender, mean age and health condition. Three studies involved with health participants while six studies involved with variety of condition which are nonspecific low back pain, stable physical injuries, Chronic Low Back Pain, neck chronic multifactorial Pain (CMP), Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD) and low back pain. The population involved in this studies were in Netherlands, Queensland, Western Australia, Switzerland, and Alberta while two other studies does not mention. The mean age for overall studies were between 33.7 to 41 and total male and female were 173 and 67 respectively (see Table 2).

 In this review, the most FCE being use were Isernhagen Work Systems Functional Capacity Evaluation. The activity that involved in this FCE were Lifting low , Overhead lift , Short carry two handed, Long carry two handed, Long carry right handed, Long carry left handed, Pushing static, Pulling static, Pushing dynamic, Pulling dynamic. Overhead work test, Forward bend test standing, Forward bend test sitting, Kneeling, Crawling, Crouching, Dynamic bending, Dynamic squatting, Rep. rotation standing right, Rep. rotation standing left, Rep. rotation sitting right, Rep. rotation sitting left, Walking, Stair climbing, Ladder climbing and Balance. The JobFit System is a software database program that contains the key physical requirements of jobs and the physical capabilities of workers in a same-value format for immediate and objective comparison. Task overview; frequency and duration; working posture requirements; material handling requirements; and any other relevant information such as environmental considerations will be recorded. Component in PEFA are musculoskeletal screen, balance test (single leg stance on stable and unstable ground), aerobic fitness test (3-minute Step Test),  postural tolerances (sustained Reaching forward, Reaching overhead, Stooping, Squatting, Climbing), material handling tasks (progressive Floor to bench, Bench to shoulder, Bench to Overhead and Bilateral Carry using a functional method). Another type FCE used in this review was Neck Functional Capacity Evaluation. The task need to perform were Overhead lift, Two-handed carry, Static overhead work, Repetitive bending and overhead reaching and Repetitive side reaching Right, Repetitive side reaching Left. (see Table 1)

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            The time interval to complete the Functional Capacity Evaluation for overall studies were from 2 days to 3 weeks with 2 repetition test. (see Table 2)