Overall success of the organization Essay

This competency helps to ensure the overall success of the organization. People working in human resources must be able to identify and utilize diversity. People’s cultures and backgrounds help them develop skills and values.

An effective HRS manager will understand and take advantage Of this by requesting a variety Of opinions when making decisions. When employees know that their opinions are valued, they will be more inclined to ensure their work is accurate and efficient. The effective HRS personnel are culture and change stewards.They improve and form an organization’s culture. “Ideally, this culture starts with clarity around external customer expectations (firm identity or brand) and then translates these expectations into internal employee and organization behaviors” (Lurch, et. Al, 2007).

It is necessary to develop incentive programs and make other changes to encourage employees in their work. The culture of an organization has a tremendous impact on employees and their attitudes towards their work and the company.