Overcoming Fears Essay

Everyone has fears; fears are a natural part of life. My greatest fear is to fail to reach my goals, lose hope, and finally that everybody might think I am a loser. Sometimes I dream of success. Yet failing in life can’t be replaced with dreams. So if I put a lot of effort and work into something and I fail, I’d feel very bad about myself and my lack of ability. This is one of my greatest fears. Being a failure would cause me to lose hope. First of all, I would lose my self-confidence and self-respect. Without self-confidence, I would not likely try to achieve my goals again.

Therefore, failing would make me lose the most important thing to all of us, “hope” as hope is what allows a person to reach his/her goals and overcome their fears. I find it more difficult that I, being a failure, would have to face people that might think I am nothing more than a failure. First of all, I would lose my respect to my family and relatives because not only would I fail in my dreams, I would also fail to achieve the expectations that my family has for me. I would feel so embarrassed if everybody thought of me as a failure. Most of all, being a failure, I would have to face my worst emotion, fear of judgment.

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I would not want my fears turned into reality. Every time I think of my fears I work harder to avoid becoming a failure. I try very hard to overcome this fear because dealing with a fear now means I can get over it in the future and be confident. What if I never am able to travel the world, or if I never am able to get a good dental assisting job. What if I don’t realize what my true calling is and what if dental assisting isn’t for me and I spent my whole life trying to be something that I’m not and it’s too late to change my mind! What if I never amount to anything and never amount to my family’s accomplishments.

I don’t like playing the what if game and the fact that at this point in my life these questions have not been answered yet. Those are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night. But in some small way I can overcome this fear. I can do this by trying my best at everything I start on. I can work hard and do my best on the job or at school. And I can give my absolute best and give everything I have in me to accomplish my goals. Do everything thing in my ability to get to where I want to go and say yes to any opportunity that can help me get there. And in the end of the day if I don’t succeed, I know I did my best.