Overhaul Of An Existing Structure Construction Essay

Renovation in building is a general term that covers undertakings which could run from unsophisticated reconstructing to a entire inspection and repair of an existing construction. It is distinguishable because the edifice already exists, unlike a new physique. Undertakings which do non needfully change the chief feeling of an bing construction and termed as renovation plants are well simple compared to new edifices ( Doran et al. 2009 ) .The bank in inquiry, unifying with its rival has 1800 subdivisions across the United Kingdom to be refurbished and re-branded.

For the proposed undertaking, it has asked for a proposal study demoing a elaborate attack to the renovation programme. As the undertaking direction adviser requested to supply this proposal study, the intended attack to the undertaking will include the undermentioned:The proposed design squad construction for the undertakingThe recommended procurance schemeProposed methods of communicatingThe methods of monitoring and coverage costs and undertaking advancement


The undermentioned premises are set out to avoid any ambiguities in the proposal:The client being a fiscal establishment has a corporate image to protect every bit good as re-brandThe client is an intelligent clientSecurity is of optimal importance since it is a bank.The renovation programme is intended for bettering the public presentation and effectivity of the bing edifice. Besides to cover with restrictions as circulation and maximise functionality of the site and better client service.Time is of the kernel, since it is a fiscal establishment it is likely to hold ongoing concern traveling on.The undertaking is a big graduated table renovation undertakingThe undertaking cost will be restricted being that the client is a bankThe undertaking will be divided around 30 parts across the state. Each part holding 60 subdivisions. Each subdivision will be appointed a contractor.

The renovation Undertaking in all the parts will be carried out at the same time and work will get down in stages.Surveies are conducted to measure the bing edifice to be refurbished. The studies comprise an appraisal of public-service corporations, asbestos study, environmental appraisals and bing security installations appraisal.


The client ‘s demand revolves around the undertaking direction ternary restraint, which are clip, cost, and quality. These are major determiners of the success of the undertaking. The demand for quality work is due to the fact that the client has a corporate image to protect, hence the re-branding of its high street subdivisions. Likewise, cost is a major issue, therefore the limitation.

The demand for security and sustainable energy are besides major demands for the client.


The undertaking will include plants such as an ascent to the bing edifice services, upgrading the security installations, common portion will be reorganized, improved circulation of the banking hall, an betterment of the bing ICT for the bank since it is unifying with its rival, inventing an alternate energy beginning, betterment of aesthetics and structural fixs.


A squad construction is developed to demo the specializers that are required for the renovation programme. An organisational construction provides an lineation which inside informations the duties of the undertaking squad and their interaction in the organisation ( Griffith and Watson 2004 ) .

The nature of the construction will allow the undertaking director entire duty for the full stages involved. If the squad construction developed is non suited clip extensions or holds and excess costs can happen as a consequence of deficient coordination, deficiency of communicant and finally the undertaking could travel incorrect ( Fryer, 2011 ) .Appropriate structuring of the undertaking squad is really critical to the success of the undertaking, so besides the single capableness of the squad members ( Walker, 2002 ) . The choice and assignment of the design squad will be carried out based on standards ‘s as old experience, accomplishments, reappraisal of portfolios and endorsed public presentation degree and competency. After the squad has been selected, a elaborate undertaking briefing meeting with client is expected to keep, before the blessing of the design. The undertaking squad consists of the client, Architect, Project director, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, CDM coordinator and Contractors.


The client here is the bank which is unifying with its rival.


It is required that the Architectural organisation has offices spread across the assorted parts in the state where the work is to be carried out. These offices will hold a caput office regulating all its regional offices where information will be passed for later airing to other parts. Te regional office is to intercede with the caput office at all times for up to day of the month flow of information.

The house is responsible for appraising, measurings, and production of drawings for every subdivision to do certain the designs are likewise in conformity to the client ‘s demands.

Undertaking MANAGER

The undertaking director acts as a spell between for all the involved parties ‘ i.e the client, Quantity Surveyor, Architect, Engineers and the contractors. They invariably communicate with squad member and liaise with the programme director. Besides, they are responsible for pull offing the undertaking and look intoing to do certain everyone is transporting out their supposed responsibilities. The undertaking director is charged with the regional degrees, while the programme director oversees the undertaking as a whole.

2.4 THE Engineers

They work manus in manus with designers in reexamining all the sites and come up with specifications for the work. Engineers in the undertaking are made up of the Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineers.

Since they help the Architects, it is besides required that they have regional offices in all the assorted locations where the renovation work is carried out and assist with any design jobs that are likely to happen.


The QS is responsible for fixing agenda of rates. This is used alternatively of a measure of measures or chunk amount because it is the most suited for the renovation undertaking since the plants are insistent and activities against cost are identified effortlessly. Furthermore, the QS house will be responsible for supplying staff in the parts and they will confabulate with the contractors, Architects and undertaking Manager to do certain that the initial budget of the client is kept within scope.

The Qs prepares the agenda of rates from the drawings, which the client will hold to O.K. and afterwards contractors are invited to tender.


The CDM coordinator is responsible for guaranting all wellness and safety communicating flows to all the appropriate parties as prescribed in the CDM ordinance 2007 and besides fix or update wellness and safety files every bit good every bit moving as a spell between the client, interior decorators and contractors in relation to the design work.

The renovation undertaking is notifiable, therefore the CDM coordinator is required.


After the agenda of rates as agreed with the QS and other information as the sanctioned drawings have been provided, the contractor so commences work in his part.ClientFigure 1 Design Team organisation ChartPROGRAMME MANAGERUndertaking MANAGERDESIGN TEAM ( ARCHITECTS, QUANTITY SURVEYORS, ENGINEERS )REGIONAL CONTRACTORSUB-COTRACTORSUB-CONTRACTORSUB-CONTRACTORSUB-CONTRACTOR


The most suited procurance scheme is selected based on some facets which include the demands of the client, the range of the work, allotment of hazard, the design duty and the monetary value base ( Masterman 2002 ) . Holt ( 2011 ) listed four chief procurance schemes, they are:Traditional Procurement methodThis method requires tht the client has the expertness and resources to pull off contract of the contractors and the undertaking design squad. Here, the design procedure and quality can be controlled, since the design has to be produced wholly before the stamp procedure begins.

There is certainty of cost when naming the contractor, though the contractor is at low hazard. This method best suits longer programmes.Design and ConstructHere, hazard is transferred to the contractor for developing design and presenting building. The client ‘s control of the quality of design and cost hazards is reduced and there is merely one point of design and cost hazards. However, this procurance scheme is best suited for short programmes.Management Catching:This procurance scheme best suits short programmes and the client is apt for hazards, hence hazards are non transferred to the contractor. The client has entire control of the design and there is no cost certainty for this procurance scheme.Construction ManagementIt is similar to direction catching, in that the client has entire control of the design, retains hazard, there is no cost certainty, and most suited for shorter programmes.

The building director here liaises with subcontractors but is non contractually responsible.


Before choosing the procurance scheme for the renovation of 1800 bank subdivisions, the client ‘s demands are put into consideration. The standard ‘s used for reexamining the procurance schemes for the client is based on the followers ( Turner 1997 ) :The quality of design and building being of extreme importance to clientClients need to be certain of monetary valueThe demand for flexibleness to command fluctuationsThe undertaking being a big graduated table renovation programmeCompletion clip non being a major issue since concern continues


The traditional procurance method is the most suited for the renovation undertaking. It makes usage of remeasured contracts based on approximative measures i.

e. agenda of rates. This means there is cost certainty, which is peculiarly of import to the client being a fiscal establishment. Since the agenda is produced before the work begins, the bank can go on its concern during the refurbishment work as the agenda will ease coordination. Turner ( 1997 ) besides explains that the traditional procurance scheme is the most appropriate for refurbishment undertakings seeing as minimum alterations will be made to the original design and constructions, there is cost certainty, the client can be assured of acquiring its quality demands through competitory restrictive tendering and some hazard will be shared, even though the client will be mostly responsible.


Communication is a critical portion of building undertakings as a consequence of the assorted parties involved in a undertaking. With several subdivisions spread across the state, the communicating system required for the renovation will be wider to guarantee effectual bringing of work. Methods of communicating depend mostly on the size and complexness of the undertaking ( Dainty et al. 2006 ) .Methods of communicating could be either formal or informal, depending on the grade of control ( Emmitt et al. 2003 ) . Throughout the phases of the work, from origin to completion there will be need for effectual communicating. This could be through meetings at the origin phase, drawings at the design phase, Software ‘s or usage of ICT.


The renovation programme which will cover 30 parts for the 60 subdivisions to be refurbished at the same clip as will necessitate a consistent, seasonably, and accurate methods of communicating. For the full life rhythm of the undertaking, information will be disseminated either face to face or electronically via ( Emmitt et al. 2003 ) .Electronic mailsMeetingsVideo conferenceVoice mailsTelephoneFacsimileSoftware ‘s e.g.

Primavera, PRINCE 2, Microsoft ( Power point, excel )InternetExtranetElectronic Bulletin boardsLocal Area Networks ( LANsMetropolitan Area Networks ( MANs )Wider Area Networks ( WANs )


Cardinal Performance Indicators ( KPI ‘s ) provide seasonably warning marks and supply information to do knowing determinations and minimizes uncertainness ( Kerzner 2011 ) . For the intent of this undertaking, KPI will be employed to supervise the renovation programmes so as to command any fluctuations in cost that may happen and for doing betterments ( Watson et al. 2011 ) .



Cardinal Performance indexs will be implemented in seven phases as depicted in Figure 2. It provides an indispensable agencies for supervising the undertaking and coverage cost advancement.Figure 2 SEVEN STAGES OF DEPLOYING KPIs ( Watson et al. 2011 )7. Measure Again 1.Decide what toMeasure6. Take Action 2.

Collect Datas5. Analyze 3. Calculate4. Report KPIsConsequence


1 Stage one

This phase involves make up one’s minding what to mensurate in order to supervise and describe cost and advancement of the full renovation undertaking. This will project indexs such as the building cost and clip, predictability of cost and clip, satisfaction of the client with services of the undertaking squad and safety.

5.2.2 Phase Two

Data will be collected from the clients, contractors, and providers bing files.

5.2.3 Stage Three

Individual KPIs will be calculated utilizing an appropriate technique, which follows the regulations prescribed by KPI working group.

5.2.4 Stage Four

The study consequence of each benchmark in this phase will necessitate to be either fed backward or forward in order to accomplish consequences.


2.5 Stage Five

Consequences are here analyzed and later applied.

5.2.6 Phase Six

Action is taken in competently and will be in direct relation to the jobs which are measured in phase one.


2.7 Stage Seven

Activities which have been noted are so re-assessed once more, as this is a uninterrupted procedure. It is cyclic in nature merely as the Deming Cycle which continually Plan, do look into and move.