Overview Of Oracle Database Computer Science Essay

Nowadays, there are a batch of organisations and endeavors have grown up. Those organisations conduct a batch of activities that related with informations and information as their nucleus concern like maintain concern information, procedure concern minutess, provide client services and etc. To transport through organisation operation, there is a batch of information and informations need to be shop to the waiter and backup carefully. So that database direction system act as an of import function for an organisation.A database direction system is a sort of computing machine package bundle that designed to command the database creative activity, care, retrieval or storage of informations and manage information which includes manipulate information utilizing mechanisms and specifying the constructions for information. Besides that, it besides provides some installations such as implementing informations unity, reconstructing informations in database, managing informations concurrence control, and pull offing informations entree.

There are different of database theoretical account used in database direction system for specifying the scheme of database like relational theoretical account, hierarchal theoretical account, web theoretical account, object oriented theoretical account and multidimensional theoretical account. Based on the research, the most normally used theoretical account is the relational database theoretical account. Many of the bing database systems are based on the relational theoretical account and it normally used by personal computer and mainframe systems.As a system developer or coder, there are a batch of standards for coder to take a suited database for a system that want to be develop, coder can based on the unity, manageableness, compatibility, handiness and public presentation of the database direction system.

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In the market, there are several database systems to allow programmer do their chosen, for illustration Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Foxpro, Oracle, DB2 and etc. In this seminar research will be focus discuss on Oracle and besides Microsoft SQL Server, measure the abilities of both database that will utilize for develop the concluding twelvemonth undertaking. In cafeteria direction system there are some information such as information of member, staff, assignment and etc that needs to be request by offline and on-line systems. Therefore, database playing an of import function when develop a system.

Overview of Oracle Database

Harmonizing to Abramson ( 2004 ) , in 1977 Oracle Corporation had developed and published Oracle Database, Oracle Database is a relational database direction system ( RDBMS ) . In the Oracle Database System it had consists of physical and logical constructions including alphameric system identifier which has a set of memory construction and processes that to be used to interact with the database storage. The following are the constructions and processes that included in Oracle Database which mentioned by ( Abramson, 2004 ) .

Control Files

The control files contain the system information and position like sizes, names and locations of the database files and remake log files in binary signifier and it is the indispensable function in Oracle Database.

When the Oracle database started execute the control files will get down to read the information that contain indoors, so that the files described can back up to run the database. If without the control files so Oracle Database can non started to execute.

Redo Logs

The redo logs or minutess logs are perform to shops the activities information interact with the Oracle Database. The minutess or activities such as create new information, update information, and delete information. In order to back up the circumstance in Oracle Database, there are at least two redo logs or more than two of the redo logs.


The informations storage shops the informations physically in the signifier of informations files, while logically in the signifier of Tablespaces.

The informations storage formed by the information blocks that contains extents of memory sections and the informations stored in a SYSTEM Tablespace that consist the information lexicon. A information lexicon make up by a aggregation of tabular arraies that defines the properties of the informations inside the database and dwell the information like names and informations types of the database tabular arraies like alphanumeric or numeral format, information on size of Fieldss or infinite allocated for application, user information like grants the privileges for users to entree the informations based on the user ‘s types.There are besides holding other Tablespaces such as Default Temporary, SYSAUX Tablespace, Tablespace and Undo Tablespace. When deficient memory allocated while treating the question the Default Temporary Tablespace can supply the secondary activities work country for it. The objects of the tools and options are stored into SYSAUX Tablespace.

The the Undo Tablespace is used to reconstruct the informations to a old province.

Background Procedures

Abramson ( 2004 ) reference that background procedure is use to ease the database operations when running in the background. There include the undermentioned procedures:Database Writer ( dbwr ) – responsible for composing the content of the database buffers to the disc.

Log Writer ( lgwr ) – pull offing the authorship of information to the online redo logs.Checkpoint ( ckpt ) – responsible for updating information of database files during checkpoint activity.System Monitor ( smon ) – responsible for commanding the consistence of the database.Procedure Monitor ( pmon ) – responsible for clean up the resources which tied up in the database.Job Queue Coordination ( cjq0 ) – responsible for create the occupation processes from the database internal occupation waiting lines.Archivers ( arc0 ) – responsible for copying the online redo logs to secondary storage before it reused by following minutess.


2 Overview of Microsoft SQL Server

Harmonizing to ( Perry & A ; Post, 2004 ) , Microsoft had developed the Microsoft SQL Server which is another sort of relational database direction system. The Microsoft SQL Server can assist to managing the relational informations and XML informations. For better public presentation in newest version, Microsoft had improved the indexing algorithms and mistake recovery systems.

The below is the architecture of the Microsoft SQL Server from ( Bersinic & A ; Giles, 2004 ) :

Relational Engine

To back up Database system procedure the petition from the clients, relational engine is moving an of import function, relational engine can guarantee the informations in database with consistence and unity. Besides that, it has some others maps for illustration informations and database relationship care, executes and optimizes the executing programs.

Storage Engine

The storage engine can maintain the information consistence and unity with several maps. Storage engine has the capableness to execute read and write of the files in database and guarantee the files in database take topographic point decently. Besides that, to forestall informations corruptness occurs storage engine can execute informations backup and Restoration.

Networking Component

Networking constituent enable the client application to interact with the database waiter and let client direct the petition to database server so database server receive and response to client.

Technologies that Communicate

DB-LibraryXMLOLE-DBSQL Server.

NET Data Provider

Chapter Summary

The first chapter is presenting some architecture of the Oracle Database and besides Microsoft SQL Server, both of them are relational database system, but the operation of the database is utilizing different constituents.To keep the informations inside the database both of the databases provided the different constituents to make the operation. For the Oracle Database utilizing Tablespaces to keep the information, it consists of different Tablespaces which is SYSTEM Tablespaces, SYSAUX Tablespaces, Default Temporary Tablespaces and Undo Tablespaces. The map of Tablespaces is to specify the properties of informations, shop objects of the tools, and restore informations.

For the SQL Server, utilizing the storage engine to guarantee the information consistence and unity, it besides performs backup or Restoration while the database corruptnesss occur.Other operations like procedure the petitions from clients, manage the read and write of the informations and keep the database and information relationship, there are manage by background procedures of Oracle Database and relational engine of Microsoft SQL Server.

Chapter 2 – Database Integration

Database is the indispensable and besides an of import constituent of a system. For illustration, POS system, stock list system, HR direction system and etc, as the illustration above about all the system need database to hive away their information or information.

So that evaluate the database from different application development platforms is really of import. The integrating with different platforms will impact the productiveness or quality of the coder or developer. For illustration, by utilizing a database which the can be more easy integrate with the coder development tool will impact the clip spend for develop a system. The below are comparing of the integrating with different application development tools or platforms.

2.1 Operating system Integration

The Oracle Database support most or the operating system in the market such as Unix, Linux, Windows-based platforms and etc. Microsoft SQL Server merely works on the Windows-based platforms, which mean the system develop by utilizing Microsoft SQL Server as their database, the system must run on window-based operating system, it is a immense investing of clip and money to upgrade all the hardware and package system to Unix or Linux. Oracle database is to the full compatible and portable on most of the hardware and runing systems platforms.

( Sandra Cheevers, 2004 )

2.2 Microsoft.NET Common Language Runtime ( CLR ) Integration

The followers are some of the point that about Microsoft.NET Common Language Runtime ( CLR ) Integration which reference by ( Ruebush, 2005 ) .

CLR 1.0 vs. CLR 2.0

Microsoft SQL Server provide much more application programming interface ( API ) with the support of CLR version 2.

0 comparison to the Oracle Database merely support with CLR version 1.1. With the characteristic, Microsoft SQL Server is allowed to incorporate the yarn and memory direction with database waiter. Besides that, in the database it can do a server-side position of informations.

In-Process and Out-of-Process Hosting

Microsoft SQL Server is utilizing the in-process hosting which mean the Microsoft.NET CLR is execute inside the database waiter procedure infinite. So that, the database logic likes maps, stored processs, user defined maps and triggers can pull off code do non necessitate to pay more on the inter-process communicating. By the memory direction and weaving integrating between Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft.

NET CLR, it allow the developer to modulate applications. Oracle Database is externally hosting the Microsoft.NET CLR which is called as out-of-process hosting, by utilizing two threading and memory direction theoretical accounts where both have their ain theoretical accounts and it will be do the inefficiencies occur.

2.3 Ocular Studio Integration

Below discuss about Ocular Studio Integration between Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database which reference by ( Ruebush, 2005 ) .

Microsoft SQL Server

Server Explorer

With the SQL Server OLEDB supplier which helps incorporate between Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio, it allows developer communicate with the database by utilizing the Server Explorer.

The developer use the Server Explorer to execute some operations. For illustration, map and triggers, position informations in tabular arraies, create stored processs, and make database diagrams.

Question Interior designer

Ocular Studio has provides a tool called Query Designer, which is a tool to assist in manage informations and create questions in the database. By utilizing the diagram characteristic developer can see the entity relationship diagrams of the database waiter.


NET Programing

Through the integrating with Visual Studio, the developer is allows to plan ADO.NET diagrammatically and have high public presentation of informations entree. To link to the Microsoft SQL Server can be done by utilizing the aces to steer the user retarding force and drop the artefacts ( SqlConnection, SqlCommand, SqlDataAdapter ) onto the design surface.

SQL Server Undertakings

With the SQL Server Project templates user can pull off the database easy. After create the SQL Server Project, there have some templets to add, for illustration like sum, trigger, user-defined map and stored process to make different user objects. Then the templet will bring forth the starter codification and together with the properties and mentions necessary for user object. User has the to the full debugging capablenesss such as ticker variable, interruption points and stepping to code.

Therefore, user can step through between different linguistic communications which mean user can step from C # to T-SQL to Visual Basic.NET.

Oracle Database

Oracle Explorer

With the Oracle Explorer developer besides allows to interact oracle database with Ocular Studio. The developer besides can see the database objects like tabular arraies, stored processs, triggers, and positions. Besides that, by utilizing Table interior decorator it allows the user to make table construction and position entity relationship diagrams.

Undertaking Support

Oracle Database does non hold any undertaking characteristic supported. So that, it can non automatically deploy the database objects and can non pull off all the different database object by utilizing Ocular Studio.

Debuging Stored Procedures

As mentioned by Ruebush ( 2005 ) , Oracle integrating with Visual Studio did non hold the map to debug stored processs but it can be done by utilizing difference tool such as JDeveloper or utilizing hint files to debug PL/SQL stored processs.

2.3 Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA ) Application Development

There are many applications distributed based on the SOA.

Both of the databases provided some characteristics to back up the development of SOA-based applications. The following are the comparing between the characteristics ( Refer to Postpone 2.1 ) . ( Ruebush, 2005 )


MS SQL Server 2005

Oracle Database 10g

XML Support

Native XML typeYesYesXQuery supportYesYesXML update mapsYesNoXML indexesYes ( way and value indexes )No ( text and functional indexes )

Web Servicess

Integration with Visual StudioYesNoPrograming linguistic communicationCLR linguistic communicationJavaDatabase as Web Service manufacturerYesYesDatabase as Web Service consumerYesYes

Asynchronous Message Line uping

Merchandise NameSQL Server Service BrokerOracle Advanced QueuingQueues stored in databaseYesYesTransactional integrating with databaseYesYes

Table 1.

1 Comparisons on SOA Application Development ( Ruebush, 2005 )

2.4 Chapter Summary

This chapter discuss about some integrating of the database with different platforms such as operating system, Microsoft.Net CLR, Visual Studio and SOA Application development. From the research above, it has shown that both of the databases are integrated by utilizing some similar characteristics. Oracle Database is that more advantage on integrating with different runing system, but SQL Server merely can incorporate with Microsoft-based operating system. On the other manus, Microsoft SQL Server has taking more advantages compare to the Oracle Database where Microsoft SQL Server supports CLR 2.0 which has the capableness to more application programming interface and the Microsoft SQL Server in-process hosting better the efficiency of the systems will be better than the Oracle Database out-of-process hosting.

With Ocular Studio integrating between Oracle Database or Microsoft SQL Server, both of them provide the waiter adventurer for communicate between the developers and the database. The developers can make the triggers, stored processs and position informations tabular arraies. SQL Server Projects can supply the templets to user to make trigger, stored process and map but the Oracle Database did non supply any similar undertaking characteristics like SQL Server Projects.The native XML type is supported by both of the databases, before the XML paperss hive awaying to the database will necessitate to formalize first and the XML paperss are queried by utilizing XQuery.

Besides that, both of the databases can execute as the Web service suppliers and consumers.

Chapter 3 – Backup and Recovery

Database must with a high handiness, so that database must ever supply an unity, consistence and besides safety for user ‘s informations. Therefore, the backup and recovery methods in database are really of import for a system to guarantee the database executing the operations in a safety environment, even there are some informations corruptness occur the backup or recovery methods besides can assist to reconstruct the database. The following are the backup and recovery methods owned by databases.


1 Oracle Database

Recovery Manager ( RMAN )

Oracle Database including a tool called Recovery Manager ( RMAN ) is a sort of client application that aid performs backup and recovery operations. The tool was dwelling with RMAN feasible maps, mark database and recovery catalog, the information information will be stored in a control files inside the mark database. The control files include the information of information files that describe the size, name and location of that peculiar informations files and the archive log files. The information will be enveloping from the informations file created until the recovery. To pull off all facets of backup and recovery operations oracle supply a RMAN interface to come in bids to make the operation. ( Oracle Database Library, 2008 )

RMAN Executable

The client application that manages backup and recovery operations for a mark database. The RMAN client uses Oracle Net to link to a mark database, so it can be located on any host that is connected to the mark host through Oracle Net.

Target Database

The control files, informations files, and optional archived redo logs that RMAN is in charge of endorsing up or reconstructing. RMAN uses the mark database control file to garner information about the database and to hive away information about its ain operations. The existent work of the backup and recovery occupations is performed by waiter Sessionss on the mark database.

Recovery Catalog

RMAN sporadically transfer metadata from the mark database control file into the recovery catalog. The recovery catalog scheme will hive away into a database called recovery catalog database.

Figure 1.1 Recovery Manager Environment ( Oracle Library, 2008 )

Figure 1.1 has shown that three hosts with the following types of databases: primary database, standby database, and recovery catalog database.

The primary database host has an affiliated tape thrust. The RMAN executable is shown on a separate machine with an associated Enterprise Manager console.


Flashback is utilizing Flash Recovery Area alternatively of standard backup media to retrieve the database to a specific point in clip. Flashback characteristic is difference with the RMAN characteristic because it usually used to retrieve the smaller information blocks for illustration row informations and simple tabular array, and RMAN usually is used to retrieve the larger information blocks, so that Flashback characteristic provide a fast recovery for little informations corruptness alternatively of utilizing RMAN recovery the whole database. To execute this characteristic in database the Database decision maker ( DBA ) must configure a Flash Recovery Area that consists of RMAN backups, Flashback database logs and remake achieve logs. ( Otey & A ; Otey, 2005 )

3.2 Microsoft SQL Server

Otey & A ; Otey ( 2005 ) reference that, Microsoft SQL Server had provides few types of database backup and recovery theoretical account.

The database backup and recovery theoretical account show as the following tabular array.

Recovery Model

Simple Recovery ModelLowest logging operating expenseDatas after the last backup can non be recoveredFull Recovery ModelAll informations alterations loggedAll informations is recoverable to the point of failure, and besides is the default recovery theoretical account.Bulk-Logged Recovery ModelLog all minutess except majority operationsCan retrieve to the terminal of last database

Database Backup

Full Database BackupComplete transcript of databaseOffers a known point for RestorationDifferential BackupBackup merely the modified database pagesMinimize the figure of dealing logsLog BackupCopy merely the dealing logsApply after the differential backupHarmonizing to Otey & A ; Otey, ( 2005 ) , below are the different type of database backup & A ; recovery map provided by Microsoft SQL Server.

Transactional Point-in-time Recovery

By utilizing the dealing log backups, it allows users retrieve the database to any given point in clip. Every dealing logs will shops a clip cast that denote when the dealing occurred.

The database will be recover to the exact province of the clip of it last dealing when Restoration.

Database Snapshots

Database snapshots provide a infinite to make a read-only position of the database alternatively of creates a whole transcript of the database. So that, it enable the Restoration go easy and fast. The below is overview of database snapshots, refer to calculate 1.2.

Figure 1.2 Database Snapshots ( Otey & A ; Otey, 2005 )

As Figure 1.2 show that a database snapshot is different from a database transcript. A database snapshot merely utilize the infinite that is required to incorporate the alterations that are made to the database information. When the database had made some alterations, the snapshot will have original page from the database as ain transcript. To retrieve from an unsuitable alteration to a database, the original page in the snapshot can utilize to make the Restoration.

Log Transporting with a Delay

Log transportation is sort of method that send the Transaction logs from the current database waiter to another or more backup waiters.

When the event occur such as database failure or corrupted informations, those dealing logs will be used to retrieve the information. Transaction logs backup will be delay on directing to the backup waiters which is because it did non compose the dealing logs to backup waiters immediately, it merely direct within a clip interval. For illustration, the minutess logs will be sent to backup waiters every five minute, if there is any corruptness occurs within five minute so it merely can be used to retrieve the primary database to the province in five proceedingss before.

Fast Recovery

The Fast Recovery provides the ability that allows users to reconnect to a backup database while the dealing logs have been rolled frontward.

File Group Restore

File Group Restore characteristic allows by choosing the filegroup in database and make the Restoration merely on the corrupted objects. It allows reconstructing a filegroup at a clip, or even a page or group of pages at a clip when the primary filegroup is ready.

Chapter Summary

Chapter 3 is discoursing about the different of the methods that utilizing by Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server to execute the backup and recovery. From the above we know that, both of the databases are supplying their ain method to execute retrieve the database to a specific point-in-time, which is recovery director ( RMAN ) for Oracle Database and transactional point-in-time recovery for Microsoft SQL Server.

With the flashback and database snapshots methods, it allows user speedy Restoration with the read-only position of database for little informations corruptness alternatively of restore of whole transcript of the database which can cut down Restoration clip pass on Restoration while little informations corruptness. On the other manus, RMAN besides consist the recovery log characteristic which is similar with the Log transportation of Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server have provide some methods on backup and recovery, but Oracle Database besides provide same map on backup and recovery with other architecture which is RMAN, RMAN combine most of the backup and recovery method into one map instead than Microsoft SQL Server divide into few method. So that Oracle is more facilitate to run into users demands.

Chapter 4 – Solutions for Server Failure

There is assorted Numberss of factors that might do the waiter can non be entree by the users.

For illustration of server failure factors are package or hardware failure and database waiter failure. The package or hardware failures can be prevents or better via the sweetening on the package or hardware. There are few methods provide by each of the database to forestall the database waiter failure job.Below are some of the methods in Oracle Database to assist in waiter failure which reference by ( Otey & A ; Otey, 2005 ) .

4.1 Oracle Database

Real Application Clusters ( RAC )

Oracle Database had provided a high-availability option which is The Real Application Clusters ( RAC ) provide bar to user database against to the waiter failure. The Real Application Clusters ( RAC ) had consists of several nodes that are interconnected and supply services for clients, the nodes are able to works as a calculating environment with the Oracle RAC package.

To execute Real Application Clusters ( RAC ) it needed a specific hardware platform to back up its operation due to back up a batch of nodes at a same clip and the maximal figure of nodes is 64 nodes.While the server failure occurred, the connexion of the client will be suspended for a short period so the locks in the system are remastered and will resynchronize to the nodes of RAC. Oracle RAC had provided 2 ways of the connexion failover which is Connection failover and besides Transparent Application failover. With the Connection Failover, if there is a failure of connexion occurs in the initial connexion, so the application will automatically seek to reconnect to another active node which inside the bunch with utilizing the same practical waiter name. For The Transparent Application Failover ( TAF ) if there is a communicating failure occurs after a connexion, that connexion can failover to another active node, it requires more system operating expense than the connexion Failover because it shops the province of the current dealing.

Figure 1.3 Overview of Oracle RAC ( Otey & A ; Otey, 2005 )

Figure 1.3 shown that an Oracle RAC architecture on the nodes are interconnected with each other.

Data Guard

Data Guard utilizing the dealing logs that inside the production database to pull off the transcript of database that in standby waiter with the consistent. This method is similar with the Microsoft SQL Server Database Mirroring and it can pull off up to 9 backup transcripts of production database. When the waiter failure occurred, the standby database inside of standby waiter can automatically exchange into the production database.

Below show that the Data Guard operates in three sort of different manners to pretect database from server failure:

Maximal Protection

In this manner, the informations will be sent to the standby database from the primary database synchronously. In the primary database the minutess can non be committed until the redo informations is available in the standby database. So that, the processing in primary waiter will be stop while the redo informations can non be written into the standby waiter.

Maximal Availability

In this manner, the processing in the primary waiter will continues every bit fast as possible after the backup informations is written to the standby waiter.

The inaccessibility of the standby waiter will non impact the processing in primary waiter.

Maximal Performance

In this manner, the backup informations is sent from primary database to standby database asynchronously. The minutess treating on primary database are continue and committed without waiting the acknowledgement reception of backup informations from the standby database.

Below are some of the methods utilizing by Microsoft SQL Server to assist in waiter failure which reference by ( Otey & A ; Otey, 2005 ) .

Microsoft SQL Server

N-Way Bunch

Windows Clustering Services is a sort of engineering to assist in protects or prevents server failure for the database, windows constellating service is working together with a physical waiter or nodes in a bunch, the node work together with other nodes to do a bunch. In a bunch if there is a node can non work, and so the backup node will supply the same service as the unavailable node automatically to the user, the procedure called failover, implemented to keep the transactional consistence. Hardware used and besides degree of database activity will impact the clip taken to execute the failover procedure. With the N+1 constellation, it is enable a extremely available application due to be effectual and flexible.

Figure 1.

4 Eight-node Cluster Support ( Otey & A ; Otey, 2005 )

Figure 1.4 has illustrates an eight-node bunch, there are seven nodes are active to supply service and one inactive node is standby waiting to back up or be a backup if any of the active nodes failure.

Database Mirroring

Database Mirroring is provides a database-level failover. Inside Database Mirroring there are three systems utilizing to execute the database-level failover, which is witness primary waiter and secondary waiter. The primary waiter provides normal database services to the clients to running their day-to-day operation, the secondary waiter as the mirrored database to executing receive and updated the minutess that had been processed in primary waiter. If there is any event or mistakes make for primary waiter failure, so secondary waiter will be available instantly to go on support clients within a few seconds. The informant is playing the function to find which system will presume the function of primary waiter. The Database Mirroring can work with the hardware that supports SQL Server alternatively of require specific hardware.

Figure 1.5 Database Mirroring ( Otey & A ; Otey, 2005 )

Figure 1.5 had shown that the architecture of the Database Mirroring, and how primary waiter, secondary waiter, informant working together.

Log Transporting

Otey & A ; Otey ( 2005 ) claimed that, Log Shipping is a low cost, powerful and high-availability method to assist user to protect from the waiter failure. With Log Transporting method available to any hardware platform that can run Microsoft SQL Server. All the informations will hive away in primary database, Log Shipping will automatically hive away a whole backup from primary database to the standby waiter by directing the dealing logs from the primary waiter to the standby waiter. User besides can configure the log transporting with a clip hold for use the dealing logs in the standby sever with this it can supply a protection for the user mistakes like application mistakes, inadvertent deletes, inaccurate informations entries, and etc. Below show that the 3 constituents which include in Log Shipping.

Primary Server

Primary waiter consists of the production database. SQL Server Agent occupations make periodic dealing log backups of the production database to gaining control alterations made to the production database.

Standby Server

The standby waiter contains an unrecovered transcript of the primary database. SQL Server Agent occupations on the standby waiter sporadically copy the dealing log backups from the primary waiter and reconstruct them to the standby database.

Monitoring Server

This waiter monitors the position of the primary and standby waiters.Log transportation can work together with the Windows Clustering Services to protect against the server failure.

Transactional Reproduction

The Transactional Replication besides contains 3 constituents:Publisher – is the beginning that to retroflex the information.Subscriber – is to hive away the replicated information, it can be one or more Subscribers.Distributor – informations send from Publisher to Subscriber is handles by distributer.

Figure 1.6 Replication ( Otey & A ; Otey, 2005 )

Figure 1.6 shows that Transactional Replication architecture, the database synchronism at Publisher and Subscriber can be done by utilizing a snapshot of the database beginning. When the minutess in the Publisher are committed, the dealing will be sent to the Subscribers.There are disadvantage in this method, although secondary waiter is ever available and ready to used, but there is no automatically procedure for the secondary waiter to presume the primary waiter ‘s function.

It besides requires a complete database Restoration when return to the primary waiter function.

4.3 Chapter Summary

In this chapter, it is discuss about the methods of prevent waiter failure that utilizing by each of the database which is Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server. Both of the databases are implemented different bar or solutions for the waiter failure, for Oracle Database, it is utilizing the Real Application Clusters ( RAC ) which has some similarity with N-Way Clustering on Microsoft SQL Server. The difference between both of them which is the N-Way Clustering usage a inactive node to replace or presume the active node services when failure occurs, and the nodes of the Real Application Clusters ( RAC ) are provide the services with interrelated to each other.

There are other methods like database mirroring and informations guard, these 2 methods are responsible to do a full backup of the primary database and shop to a secondary database and so the secondary waiter will supply the backup services when the waiter failure occurs. The transactional reproduction and log transporting utilizing in Microsoft SQL Server, it will hive away a backup of the primary database by sent the dealing logs to secondary waiter, both of them contains a few similar constituents such as monitoring waiter and distributer, primary waiter and publishing house, secondary waiter and endorser. But 2 of the methods have their ain restriction, for illustration like transactional reproduction there is no automatically procedure for the secondary waiter to presume the primary waiter ‘s function and requires a complete database Restoration when return to the primary waiter function. For Log Transporting restriction such as configure with clip hold, the minutess logs will be sent to backup waiters every five minute, if there is any corruptness occurs within five minute so it merely can be used to retrieve the primary database to the province in five proceedingss earlier.

Although Microsoft provide more method on this but Oracle Database supply Real Application Clusters ( RAC ) and data guard method with same map comparison to Microsoft SQL Server, with a to the full map in 1 method is better than utilizing different and besides complex method to forestall or protect database from server failure is taking more advantages.

Chapter 5 – Critical Evaluation

The research is focus on the Microsoft SQL Server and besides Oracle Database, and the research based on the unity, dependability, handiness, compatibility of the database, there are a few of issues that will be considered in order to choose either one of the database to be usage on the Final Year Undertaking.From the compatibility of the databases integrate with different runing system platforms, as the consequence show that the Microsoft SQL Server unable to execute out of the Windows-based operating system platform, perversely Oracle Database is able to execute in different operating system platform. From the point of position of the market, there are a batch of companies non merely utilizing windows-based operating system, this will be dearly-won if company planning to alter operating system environment, although Microsoft SQL Server is low cost but it need to be utilizing together with windows-based operating system and besides ocular studio to back up, so that developer will dearly-won on operating system and ocular studio to assist the developer to keep the system.

So that integrate with different runing system platform is of import. For a long term investing on a system, Oracle Database takes more advantage and will non happen the job above. Besides that, both of the database are integrated with the Microsoft.NET and Visual Studio which the popular development tool utilizing by developer to develop the system, with the in-process hosting in SQL Server, it provide better public presentation and manageableness for the developers. Besides that, both of them besides provided similar characteristics to the SOA Application Development.It is of import on the handiness of the database, which is because databases provide a high-availability for the developer or users with the backup and recovery to assist in solve few types of failures occur during the procedures of the database. For illustrations of failures there are server failures, site failures, database corruptnesss and etc. Both of the database systems got different characteristics or methods to supply the backup and recovery maps.

With the solutions for the waiter failure are besides better the handiness of databases to better the confident of the user or developer while utilizing the database. Oracle Database supply recover director ( RMAN ) and flashback as the backup and recovery map, while server failure, Oracle Database bar is existent application bunch ( RAC ) and informations guard, which is powerful characteristic to assist in solve assorted job that might happen. Although Microsoft SQL Server provide more methods but most of the methods Oracle Database can be perform every bit good and more methods will do the complexness when utilizing the database.In a decision, it is required higher cost to make a higher handiness and compatibility environment. The both of database system have the characteristic to supply high degree of handiness. However, from the compatibility of Oracle database is to the full compatible and portable on most of the hardware and runing systems platform, although the cost will be higher a spot but Oracle Database is closer to the market demand.

Chapter 6 – Decision

In a decision, choose and make up one’s mind a database system is really of import because success or failure of a system development might be straight affected by the database. So that, to develop a system the research on the databases is required. With a suited database, it can be impact the clip pass on development of the system and besides can bring forth a better quality system to run into the concern demands.

From the research on the Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server, it has shown that both of the databases have their ain advantages and disadvantages. Different type of database system has their ain architecture, ain methods and ain characteristic to implement the database system. For illustration, both of the database systems utilizing difference methods to work out the job of waiter failure, different methods to make their informations backup and recovery, and the integrating between platforms are difference. Therefore, it is of import to cognize each database have what sort of characteristic and how they function or work. So that research on the different type of databases is useable for a developer.The integrating with the application development tool or platform is one of the of import issues that to take a database.

Although Oracle Database taking some disadvantages to incorporate with Ocular Studio but Oracle Database besides can be pull off the database with efficient and easy manner. With Oracle Database, in operating system integrating it taking advantages with it to run into most of the user demand.On the other manus, the bar for server failure, backup and recovery methods besides playing an of import function that will impact the choice of the database system, both of Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server holding the great methods on this. Both databases are provide backup and recovery, for back up the database it can endorse up the whole complete transcript of the database to secondary waiter and for recover it besides provide recover to any point-in-time. Both databases had provided a high handiness environment and each database besides have different complexness and cost. Oracle Database supply the powerful characteristic, easy to pull off, and more compatible with different hardware/software and besides platform, with is more executable in the market no affair right now or future, so that Oracle Database is more suited for us to implement our Concluding Year Undertaking system.