p a hypothesis has to go through

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Forest Schwager

who invented the scientific method?

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think Aristotle and other philosophers created the scientific method
but it is hard to answer that question since a lot of great minds in
history created pieces of and improved the scientific method to what
it is today.

is true that some people regard Aristotle as the father of Empirical
Science (Empirical Science is a type of science that uses observable
and measurable evidence, not pure logic to create a hypothesis or
theory) but the creation of most of the Scientific method similar to
the modern scientific method was developed by the Muslim scholars
between the 10th and 14th centuries ac and
after that is was refined by philosophers and other people like Isaac
Newton (1643-1727).

the great scholars, al-Haytham is thought to have created a lot of
the scientific method.

are lot of different types of scientific methods but there is about
four methods that scientists use more often: observation, tool
development, hypothesis testing, and model building.

is simply measuring a phenomena, transforming it into a format that
humans can observe, noteing the results and communicate it to

the method of tool development, the goal is to improve the measuring
tools for future tests and observations. Even improving a tool is a
scientific method (and a very important one for all the others who
use those tools as well).

testing (hypothesis is a proposed explanation for phenomena or
something else. A hypothesis is more than a wild guess but not
exactly a well proved theory, in science a hypothesis has to go
through lots of testing before it can be called a theory).

this method the scientist makes a prediction about the result of a
test and then does it. Typically there is two groups testing
something with only one difference with what they are testing. This
is how hypothesis testing is used to link cause and effect.

In model building, the
scientist takes a large quantity of data from other observations and
tries to build a model that fits with all the data, predicts future
observations and any group of scientists can repeat it. Models can
come in the form of equations, computer algorithms and many other
things. So basically the “scientific method” is anything a
scientist does to reveal new answers, as long as his methods and are
repeatable by other independent parties.

So when you ask, who invented the Scientific Method, the answer is
is a collection of many peoples ideas and genius.