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Every time I wake up in the morning, I
always aim to finish my workout routines. To give an example, every
time I woke up I’ll go straight drink at least one (1) to two (2)
glasses of water. After this, I’ll do my morning vinyasas.
Vinyasa is a set of work that aims on stretching your muscles
allowing blood to flow as early as possible. In other words, I always
do yoga everyday. Why am I saying this? Because routines are not
commonly found on our generations, especially this kind of routines.
Because, I bet that the first thing my generation does when they woke
up is to check their phone for notifications, reply as soon as they
can and check their social media accounts for some none sense news.

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In our generation today, technology is a
really big part of our daily life. When we hear the word ‘technology’
it entails ‘gadgets’. And gadgets concurrently incorporated with
social media accounts. I challenge you to name a family that not even
one member doesn’t have an account in Facebook or Twitter. Maybe
there was but it might be very small in number that you can count on
your fingers. Facebook and other social media sites have benefits and
disadvantages. These websites helps a lot an individual in his life.
We can find news, music, art, etcetera in these sites. Name it, they
have it. But like any other community they have cons. In these sites
you can find gossips, fake news, bullying d many more that cause harm
to others.

They call us millennial. As we are to be
called like this have pros and cons. One of the many beneficial
reasons is we are growing in the age that technology is at it’s
finest. Being “lazy” is one of the cons, because as the
previous generations says everything right now seems like instant.

Because of this I came up to
realization to cut down the time aim spend on sites like these. I
decided to lie low on using Facebook. I knew people who have done
this already and they prove to me that it is not that hard. Our
parents and grandparents live without these so might as well I can
too. Leaving Facebook is not an easy step for me because I admit that
before I spend hours and hours just scrolling down and see other
people’s whereabouts. So I reflected and decided to cut this down and
hopefully remove Facebook on my daily basis. Shutting down my profile
or my account will help me to focus on things around me physically,
socially, and most of all personally. Because of this I can have more
time to see things eagerly, search ideas widely, and remove toxic
informations that came from netizens. This decision would be simple
for me and other people if my goals or our goals are clear and not
just for a show or for a short time plan.