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 Measuring intelligence can be done in many different ways. You can take tests to show how good or bad you can score. You can get a sheet of paper and write all the different topics you can elaborate on. In other words you can do a lot or a little to prove your intelligence. 
           Different scientists and researchers have discovered that having sex can boost your test scores in most cases. Not saying that you should have sex all the time but it might help you focus more on what you are trying to study. Sex is an important thing in a relationship and should not be thrown around lightly. You might not have the same out come if you aren’t in love with your partner. The researchers have discovered that when you have sex you have to focus on what you are doing, you have to clear your mind and think only about getting the job done. When you study the same concept it put in to play.  
           Research shows that having sex can grow brain cells. Keeping them might be a different matter. It shows that people who often have sex have higher test scores than people who don’t.  By focusing on pleasurable stimuli during sex you are actively training your brain to be zeroed in on a topic. 
           There are other ways you can make your brain cells grow but this particular way caught my eye. I thought to myself, there is know way sex can make your brain cells grow. Once I did some research and dug a little bit I found the truth.     
Our world is full of people who think that porn has no effect on your daily life. Little do they know, it does. Studies show that watching pornoghraphy can affect your school performance and test scores. Its turns out that people don’t pay attention and don’t care about how it can decrease their scores. There obliviousness may affect their scores as well. So basically, watching porn for a long period of time can affect you in a negative way.  
It takes a lot of focus to zero in on something for a long period of time, so when you do that your brain goes into a overload mode trying to pleasure yourself. We need to discuss common sense, and what it says about pornography, and modern sexuality in general. Because common sense, and those intuitive feelings of rightness and wrongness are the dividing line between people who are increasingly worried about the growing dangers of pornography on the Internet, and those who argue that the effects of pornography are minimal, or even positive.
Every once in awhile it might be okay but like anything too much of a “good thing” can be a bad thing. When people look at sexual imagery, dopamine floods these brain regions, causing an intense feeling of pleasure. Over time, people come to associate those direct images with the pleasurable feelings. It also makes it hard to focus on anything this isn’t sexual of nude. 


                                                     Standardized Tests 
           A standardized test is a test that is administered and scored in a consistent, or “standard”, manner. Standardized tests have been a part of American education since the mid-1800s. Proponents say standardized tests are a fair and objective measure of student achievement, that they ensure teachers and schools are accountable to taxpayers, and that the most relevant constituents – parents and students – approve of testing. 
          People who are against standardized test usually have a pretty good reason but about ten percent of those people are uneducated and don’t know what they are talking about. Ignorance is one of the main reasons people in this world are set apart from the rest. 
           These days, if a school’s standardized test scores are high, people think the school’s staff is effective. If a school’s standardized test scores are low, they see the school’s staff as ineffective. In either case, because educational quality is being measured by the wrong yardstick, those evaluations are apt to be in error.
           Sooner or later the tests will become easier and there will be better scores, until then buckle down and get to studying. It’s not the teachers the fault that you suck at writing papers and taking quizzes that you didn’t study for. It’s your own fault and it’s in your control. Play by the rules, do your own work, chill for a minute, and then get back to work!

                                                        Happy medium
              Get in a relationship, have a good time, study, have sex, and don’t watch too much porn. Unless you are single and a loser and don’t care about your grades. In that case, do whatever makes you happy. When you get to where you almost have your life in order, don’t mess it up just because you can’t handle it. You can do anything you put your mind to  including asking out that girl, passing that test, and getting on the team. Don’t sell yourself short or stoop to any ones level.  
             IQ tests are both over and under rated. They claim to be used to measure pure intelligence but they tend to measure cultural intelligence. In other words, the instructors in charge need to change the tests to fit all the different types of people. 

             First Heading: The only way to begin to tease out directionality in the casual sex conundrum is by conducting longitudinal studies, though even those will not be perfect. People who seek out casual-sex opportunities, particularly those who do so under the influence of alcohol or drugs, may be fighting off persistent feelings of loneliness, depression, and social anxiety that they hope to eradicate or reduce through brief encounters that grant them momentary closeness.

Second Heading: While porn is certainly useful in helping us explore and learn about our sexual desires, these studies highlight the potential consequences on the brain of watching too much.      
 Third Heading: Standardized aptitude tests predict how well students are likely to perform in some subsequent educational setting. The most common examples are the SAT-I and the ACT both of which attempt to forecast how well high school students will perform in college.
Fourth Heading: It’s all we can do to get through the day let alone a week without sex. Try something new and dont have sx for a week and then after a week have sex and try to think about something else in the middle of it. Be sure to tell your partner before trying this. 

          Measuring intelligence will always be here and there will always be a question about how can we change it? And what different effects are there? New research will always be there and new ways to improve test scores. 
In conclusion, the amount of sex and pornography a person is exposed to can affect your scores on standardized tests. Adolescence need to pace themselves with the idea of both because it’s easy to become addicted and lose focus on what really is important.