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The analysis of Sheldon Lu, he discovers the concept of Chinese postsocialism by taking into consideration the different parts that happened in China during the decline of communism. Specifically, Lu insists that postsocialism suggests the possibility within a lot of crisis by rethinking socialism in a new and more creative ways instead of signaling the end of socialism. It is important to emphasized, but Lu’s definition of postsocialism refers to the various aspects of contemporary Chinese life. For example, in his perspective, there are socioeconomic policy that advances global capitalism, cultural principle that indicates the interplay of capitalist and socialist tradition, and public sentiment in support and challenge to socialist ideology from the analysis of historical value. In comparison, Jason McGrath discovers postsocialism as the transition of Chinese society from a socialist approach to market-driven initiatives. While McGrath knows that the definition of postsocialism comprises of different fundamental factors, he has a different view unlike Lu by indicating its association through the ideal of modernist. Specifically, McGrath argues that cultural logic of China as a center is not postmodern in around the twenty-first century. However, it is mostly consistent with the fundamental dynamics of capitalist modernity. McGrath also argues that define Chinese transition including heteronomy to autonomy, culture, and fragmentation of interests. 
As we learned in the course, the films analyzed offer insights to the features that define postsocialism. On one hand, the films describes changes in values and ideals with progressives and featured the changing views for a global capitalist market. At the same time, there are also other types that continue to show nostalgia and respect to the old socialist system. As a result, the divided perspectives of Chinese postsocialist make the movement challenging to appreciate and understand. 

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